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Divine Decks - A visual history of Tarot

Divine Decks

A visual history of Tarot

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Tarot. The Library of Esoterica

US$ 40
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  • “Even skeptics can appreciate the artistry that’s gone into these artifacts.”

    — mentalfloss.com
  • “For those fascinated with the occult, but wary of dabbling, this gorgeous art book on tarot may be the answer.”

    — thetimes.co.uk
  • “An exceptional selection of artist card images.”

    — ft.com
  • “Spiritual or not, it’s a beauty for the coffee table.”

    — gq-magazine.co.uk
  • “Jessica Hundley traces the fascinating history behind the occult tradition of tarot, which has served as a source of artistic expression and self-exploration for over 600 years.”

    — dazeddigital.com
  • “Combining historical timelines, scholarly insight, philosophical readings and an in-depth dissection of the symbolism of each card, it provides a crash course in cartomancy.”

    — Elephant
  • “This wonderful volume weds erudition and killer visuals – it’s a beautifully illustrated and completely fascinating study of tarot.”

    — Tatler
  • “This book reminds us of our eternal and universal search for meaning, purpose, and the divine.”

    — itsnicethat.com