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Kitchen Kitsch - Eat & Drink in America

US$ 9.99
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What began as a simple idea—giving away free brouchures with illustrations and recipes to advertise food and food brands—became so popular by the mid-20th century that recipe brochures, replete with colorful images of ornate dishes, were fixtures in every housewife’s kitchen across America. Originally containing only illustrations, the booklets featured color photography by the 1950s but became obsolete not long afterward, due to the rise in popularity of fast food and television advertising. This book brings together the best—and most unbelievably kitschy—images from a broad selection of such brochures.

About the series

More bang for your buck! "...a fast-food, high-energy fix on the topic at hand." The New York Times Book Review on the pocket series

  • "100% déééliiiiire !"

    — Nova magazine, Paris