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Rise and sprawl - A pictorial history of the City of Angels

Rise and sprawl

A pictorial history of the City of Angels

Los Angeles

US$ 9.99
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From the first known photograph taken in Los Angeles to its most recent sweeping vistas, this photographic tribute to the City of Angels provides a fascinating journey through the city’s cultural, political, industrial, and sociological history. L.A. is shown in its emergence from a desert wasteland to a vast palm-studded urban metropolis, beginning with the 1880s’ real estate boom, through the early days of Hollywood, the urban sprawl of the late 20th century, and right up to the present day.

About the series: Each compact and dynamic volume in TASCHEN’s Piccolo City series distills the vitality and history of each metropolis into a billet doux packed with 150 photos, informative captions and inspiring quotations.
  • “A photographic celebration of L.A.”

    — Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles
  • “A retrospective in portraits of building L.A. from the ground up…”

    —, Los Angeles
  • “These are cut-downs of the larger versions… but manage to feel uncompromised, satisfying in the hand, still with great vintage photography, lyrical quotes, and captions… It’s uplifting to find books this good at this price.”

    — The American, London
  • “Photographic journeys through the past and present of some of the world’s most iconic metropolises.”

    — Cara (Aer Lingus), Dublin