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No. 1,960 -

No. 1,960

Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,960. MoonFire Lunar Rock Ed.

"MoonFire is the greatest book I have ever seen. The photography is unparalleled, it is more than just a book, it is an experience." —David Schonauer, American Photo, New York

Limited to just 12 copies, numbered 1958–1969, the Lunar Rock Edition of Norman Mailer’s MoonFire is designed by Marc Newson. His concept was inspired by the Apollo 11 LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). Each book is contained in a case made from a single piece of aluminum—its surface an actual 3-D topography of the Moon—and comes with a unique piece of lunar rock.

Meteorites from the Moon are exceptionally rare. There are fewer than 70 lunar meteorites known with a total combined weight of approximately 55 kilograms, making them millions of times rarer than gem grade diamonds. However, most lunar meteorites reside in museum collections and research institutions, leaving only 15 kilograms or so available to individual collectors worldwide. Since acquiring an Apollo moon rock is virtually impossible, the only realistic way to own a piece of the moon is by acquiring a lunar meteorite.

NWA 2727
Type: Olivine Gabbro / Mare Basalt Regolith Breccia
Discovery site: North West Africa
Size: 29 x 27 x 5 mm
Weight: 6.52 grams
75,000 Euro

NWA 2727, contains the youngest lunar material ever found that dates from 2.865 billion years ago. It is a shock-welded lunar soil composed of fragments of many different kinds of rock and minerals, including fine grains and powders that were broken away from the underlying bedrock by the repeated impact of meteorites, sampling two of the very rarest lithologies on the Moon: Olivine Gabbro and Mare Basalt. This end piece shows two large gray Mare Basalt clasts in a matrix of green Olivine Gabbro and regolith breccia with some fusion crust on the uncut end.

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