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Instant Andy - Before there was Instagram, there was Warhol

Instant Andy

Before there was Instagram, there was Warhol

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Andy Warhol. Polaroids

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  • “…a fascinating insight of Andy Warhol’s intimate relationship with his celebrity friends… They include celebrity friends such as Dennis Hopper, Divine, Audrey Hepburn, Yves Saint Laurent and Nico, and have one thing in common – they look fabulous.”

    — The Guardian, London
  • “…This is just too cool for school. I don’t say this about just anything, but Andy Warhol Polaroids is really the definitive picture book for every modern culture vulture, photography nut and pop-art freak who’s ever stared at Warhol’s near-neon screen prints of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup and wondered, what is going on with that man? Consider this book a voyeuristic little peek into what went on…”

    — Female, Singapore
  • “From 1958 until his death in 1987, Andy Warhol took hundreds, if not thousands, of instant photos. Many have sold at auction over the years, but 700 of his less famous snapshots can be seen in Andy Warhol. Polaroids. The star power in the book is staggering, but Warhol’s brilliant use of Polaroids is just as fascinating.”

    — Wired.com, New York
  • Andy Warhol. Polaroids reads like the Instagram feed that might have been… the book is itself a snapshot of culture and celebrity in the latter half of the 20th century.”

    — Architecturaldigest.com, New York
  • “The connection Warhol drew in his art between photography and fame has become a bedrock belief of a generation that measures success in YouTube hits.”

    — Richard Woodward
  • “The portraits signify who was welcomed into Warhol’s club, a place at once private, snobbish, and hostile to middle-class squares and yet open to scores of outcasts.”

    — Richard Woodward
  • “So whilst we sit around waiting for someone to invent a time machine we can at least marvel at the incredibly glamorous photos in this book and imagine we’re hanging out at the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Studio 54 or the Chelsea Hotel.”

    — propermag.com
  • “Warhol was already using his Polaroid like an iPhone. With his camera, he would document his life with hundreds, probably thousands, of Polaroids. Snapping his dogs, himself, his friends, his life. Looking at those snaps now, at a remove of some decades, there is a curious, ethereal power in the best of them, be they bleached or gaudily coloured and each framed in neat, white squares.”

    — BBC Arts, London
  • “Warhol wanted people to see things as they were, as the Polaroids in [this] book exemplify. Flipping through its pages feels like the closest we'll ever get to Warhol's daily life at the time…”

    — The Huffington Post, New York
  • “The celebrity shots offer a fascinating insight into the American world of glamour and excess among the company that Warhol kept. The artist is not solely concerned with American high society…the book also features some of his most searing images with stark landscapes and his famous soup cans.”

    — The Times, London

Debbie Harry

“It’s great to be included in this wonderful and definitive book on Andy’s Polaroids.”
Debbie Harry
Illustration: Robert Nippoldt