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Once upon a time in America - Rediscovering the first color photographs of the New World

Once upon a time in America

Rediscovering the first color photographs of the New World

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An American Odyssey

US$ 200
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  • “…almost as epic as its source material, with more than 600 pages packed with beautiful shots from the US’s formative period.”

    — Shortlist, London
  • “Even then, New York was a tale of two cities, the authors write, ‘paradise or inferno, gate of the New World, and a symbol of liberty and hope.”

    — New York Times, New York
  • “…an extraordinary voyage through the past – you will never see the United States in the same way again.”

    — The Lady, London
  • “…a moving look back at a new nation teetering on the brink of modernity.”

    — ELLE Décor, New York
  • “At the end of the book, you have the sense of having traveled the country into another, invisible time.”

    — Los Angeles Times
  • “This is a truly extraordinary book from TASCHEN… the images are as luminous now as they were over a century ago. A must-buy.”

    — AURA, Bury St Edmunds
  • “At 15.7 pounds and 600 pages, this is the heftiest and most pored-over book on our coffee table… the nationwide swath of scenery is breathtaking, shot when the West was Wild and the times were woolly.”

    — American Photo, New York
  • “…a spectacular, century-old tapestry of the United States that unfurls, page by page, like a lost scroll of some of our nation’s earliest visual treasures.”

    — American Profile, Nashville
  • “I found many of the images truly beautiful, often awe-inspiring… Hours can pass simply reading store signs, or poring over faces among the masses on tenement-lined streets… An American Odyssey is a celebration of the North American continent made exceptional by its scope.”

    — South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  • “From the buzz of New York City to the expansive canyons of Arizona, the collection provides a fascinating glimpse into America’s past, in all its vibrancy.”

    — Huffington Post, New York