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Beauty of the beasts - Frans Lanting’s vibrant tribute to the Old Africa of Okavango

Beauty of the beasts

Frans Lanting’s vibrant tribute to the Old Africa of Okavango

Frans Lanting. Okavango

US$ 39.99
"Botswana, many say, represents the last of Old Africa. And in the heart of this arid land lies a place as inspiring and as incongruous as the snow-capped summit of Kilimanjaro rising on the equator: that is the Okavango, one of the greatest wetlands on earth, whose very existence in the middle of a desert is nothing short of miraculous." Frans Lanting, 1993

For a year, Frans Lanting roamed the wetlands and deserts of northern Botswana, living by the rhythms of the water and the movements of the animals as he captured them on film. National Geographic had sent him there on assignment, but what he would take away was much more than a magazine story; it was a seminal and unparalleled collection of photographs depicting an epic world of wilderness and wildlife. As Lanting wrote, “To many who have seen the fate of other wild areas in Africa and elsewhere in the world, the very notion that such a place as Okavango still exists is like a dream.” Living out of vehicles and canvas tents, gliding through swamps, following lions by night—Lanting, armed with his cameras, got up close and personal with some of the planet’s most formidable creatures.

The book he published a few years later, Okavango, was a testament not only to the wondrous wildlife of the region, but also to Lanting’s extraordinary courage, skill, and photographic vision. After many publications of Lanting’s work, including Life, Jungles, Eye to Eye, and Penguin, TASCHEN now revisits his original classic which drew critical praise worldwide with this updated and expanded edition of Okavango, further enhanced with all new reproductions and dozens of previously unpublished photos, as well as a new preface by Lanting.
  • "Buy Okavango, Africa’s Last Eden by photographer Frans Lanting to inspire your safari dreams."

    — Sainsbury’s Magazine, London