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Steve McCurry. Animals

Hardcover, 9.4 x 13.1 in., 5.57 lb, 252 pages
US$ 80
Multilingual Edition:
English, French, German
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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From an elephant lovingly resting on his master’s shoulder to a dog led through the rubbles of Kabul on the back of a bicycle; these images by Steve McCurry tell a thousand stories, each a touching tribute to the creatures who share our planet. The legendary photographer presents his favorite shots of animals in this kaleidoscopic collection ranging from Asia to South America, the United States to Europe.

Also available in two signed and limited Art Editions, each with a signed print

Customer reviews (14)

Animal Magnetism

Steve McCurry turns his lens on creatures around the world
In Animals, we discover a different side to the famed photographer who skillfully explores animals’ complex relationship with humans and the environment.

Tenderness abounds, particularly in scenes of unkempt street dogs sleeping contentedly next to a human. But there’s also a kind of essential solitude, with animals belonging to no one and simply wandering through life with only their survival instincts to guide them. We witness camels caught in the crossfire during the first Gulf War; a shepherd from Northern Pakistan tenderly feeding his goats; Beverly Hills designer dogs; race horses on a Hong Kong rooftop; elephants in Thailand, and more images selected by McCurry from his vast archives.

Through McCurry’s lens, we discover an appreciation for each creature’s beauty and silent dignity. This kaleidoscopic collection is at once a beautiful travelogue and a touching tribute to the creatures who share our planet.

Also available in two signed and limited Art Editions, each with a signed print.
The photographer

Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, PA, and has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than forty years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. After numerous travels throughout India, the Middle East and Afghanistan, he founded ImagineAsia in 2004, with the mission to help provide educational resources and opportunities to children and young adults in Afghanistan. This is his third book for TASCHEN, following Afghanistan (2017) and Animals (2019).

The editor

Reuel Golden is the former editor of the British Journal of Photography and the Photography editor at TASCHEN. His TASCHEN titles include: Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, both London and New York Portrait of a City books, The Rolling Stones, Her Majesty, Football in the 1970s, the National Geographic editions, the David Bailey SUMO and Andy Warhol. Polaroids.

Steve McCurry. Animals
Hardcover, 9.4 x 13.1 in., 5.57 lb, 252 pages
ISBN 978-3-8365-7537-9
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

Customer reviews (14)

More than adorable

Ivan, November 04, 2021
Steve McCurry is a master travel photographer who has amassed a huge catalog of beautiful and moving work. Like his tribute to Kertezs' "On Reading" this book is bound together by the theme of animals and people's friendship with them. The latter is central to the emotional strength of this book as in a lot of the photo the humans are equal to the animals. Truly one of the most beautiful McCurry books and also very funny on moments.


Marco, November 03, 2021
This book speaks about intimacy, equality, strong bonds between difference species. Multilanguage trip about the beauty to scream all over the world: "i'm not alone!, not with you, my pet."

Gorgeous book

Richard, October 29, 2021
Very excited to give this as a Xmas present.

Un ouvrage de référence pour les fans de McCurry

Florian, October 28, 2021
Taschen propose ici un receuil riche et varié qui nous fait voyager.

Couleurs magnifique

Francois, October 27, 2021
Comme d'habitude le jeu des couleurs utilisé par McCurry est fantastique. Un ouvrage qu'on explore avec plaisir, et qui nous fait voyagé avec des photos au rendu exceptionnel.

Meaningful exploration

Teresa Drummond, October 27, 2021
The first time I saw a picture from Steve McCurry was on an exposition in Brussels. Being portuguese means understanding what discover is. Not because we have a past related to that, but because we are in one of Europe's corner which exaccerbate that desire of exploring! Sometimes the human being find meaning and understanding, while appreciating exotic different elements of the earth... Animals! Realistic photographies, a gift to my dearest artist cousin.

Very good

Giorgio, October 27, 2021
Very good McCurry collection

Amazing book

Adam, October 27, 2021
This perfectly printed book is more about the relationship between animals and humans than just animals themselves.

The best animals photography book

Antonella, October 27, 2021
I am very happy of this purchase. The best photography of animals.

Amazing book. Quick, precise delivery

Scott, October 27, 2021
Beautiful book, Steve McCurry manages to encapsulate textbook compositions with an intense human touch. For anyone looking to learn rules of photography his books are invaluable.
Steve McCurry. Animals
Steve McCurry.
US$ 80
Steve McCurry. Animals