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Exploring the Globe Since 1888 - A journey through time with the world’s favorite magazine

Exploring the Globe Since 1888

A journey through time with the world’s favorite magazine

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National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years

US$ 499
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  • “This first class publication is an investment in culture to take good care of, share and pass on to future generations.”

    — Traveler, Barcelona
  • “It’s the photography book of the year and a towering achievement in every way… If you are interested in photography and humanity – and can afford it – this will provide a lifetime’s pleasure.”

    — Evening Standard, London
  • “An epic voyage around the globe.”

    — The Lady, London
  • “An exhilarating armchair adventure.”

    — USA Today, New York
  • “While his or her coffee table may groan under the weight of this opus, it’s a sumptuous future heirloom that begs to be displayed.”

    — The Globe and Mail, Toronto
  • Around the World in 125 Years is the best book that has ever been published on the National Geographic archives.”

    — Steve McCurry
  • “A spectacular journey across all the continents, the ultimate world tour over 1,400 pages.”

    — NDR Bücherjournal, Hamburg
  • “Whether you’re an avid fan of history, travel or photography, you’ll love this mammoth collection of National Geographic’s staggering photographs through 125 years.”

    — Time Out, Kuala Lumpur
  • “A natural marriage between two publishers who have quite a lot in common; they both give you the big picture; picture that tell fascinating stories, all by themselves. Each publisher in his own right brings more than an aesthetic beauty, but also the awareness of political, social and environmental issues; in a word – life… With this collection TASCHEN provides the general public the opportunity to see in one shot what this amazing institution has been doing for over a century… this is an excellent work for all those collectors who have run out of space in their homes because of the stacks of magazines holding up the ceiling. Moreover it is impossible to resume in a few photos the magnitude of this work of art, because that’s what it is… this work is simply, timeless!”

    — Force One, Monaco
  • “A voyage through continents, time and history but also through photographic techniques, this work dwarfs everything else as it questions the future of humanity. Mythical, astonishing, jaw-dropping, and in some cases never previously published, here are 1,468 photographs from the archives of National Geographic… An exceptional body of evidence to be passed down to future generations.”

    — Polka Magazine, Paris