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Springtime - Life according to June Newton


Life according to June Newton

Mrs. Newton

US$ 39.99
Edition: English
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June Newton, renowned under her professional pseudonym Alice Springs, takes the reader on an extraordinary photographic journey from her childhood in Australia through work and travels with her husband, Helmut Newton. The photographs offer a wonderful mix of personal snapshots, editorial work for magazines like Elle, and portraits of such leading creative figures as Yves Saint Laurent, Gore Vidal, Balthus, Robert Mapplethorpe, Brassai, Nicole Kidman, and Anjelica Huston.

The pictures are accompanied by Newton’s unpublished diary extracts and her own written commentaries, illuminating the pictures and the stories they tell with her particular blend of gentle irony, candor, and a photographer’s eye for detail. Personal and engaging, this book combines iconic faces and places of the 20th century with privileged access into Newton’s most intimate inner circle.
  • "Das Buch wird zur exklusivsten Quelle für die intime Geschichte des Jahrhundertpaars ... Mit Mrs. Newton bringt der TASCHEN Verlag nun das letzte Produkt dieses Streitgesprächs im englischen Original heraus: ein sehr persönliches Fazit - in Worten wie in Bildern - und zugleich der Soloauftritt einer Kameravirtuosin",

    — Vogue, München