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Rooms with a view - A collection of 100 heavenly hideaways

Rooms with a view

A collection of 100 heavenly hideaways

100 Getaways around the World

US$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition:
English, French, German
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When traveling for business, we often prefer hotel rooms of the same type in London, Paris, or Shanghai. It’s just more convenient. A different set of rules applies when we search for a place to celebrate a special family holiday, a weekend with a new lover, or a few days of blissful solitude with some great books. Suddenly a balcony with postcard- worthy views counts more than the number of TV channels, a sumptuous bed with a heavenly mattress and hand-ironed linens more than Wi-Fi connection in every nook and cranny of the hotel building.

That’s where this new TASCHEN collection comes in. A compilation of 100 hotels, in countries from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam, the two volumes make it a breeze to choose where to relax next. The gamut runs from dream castles like Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda to the glass-fronted hipster chic of Juvet Hotel in Norway; from Mediterranean pensiones with nostalgic flair and moderate rates to the pricey-yet-worthy desert glamour of Amangiri resort in Utah’s canyon country. Even dedicated web scouts will be tempted by this book to cuddle up on their sofa for a round of paper traveling. While fans of interior design might use it as an inspiring global selection of splendid sofas, beds, lights, and bathroom features.
  • 100 very special hotels and guesthouses all over the world
  • From bed & breakfast basic to six-star luxurious
  • Selected by TASCHEN’s style and travel department according to criteria like stylistic harmony, location, service, and cost-performance ratio
  • Each hotel comes with a reader-friendly chart listing the number of rooms, current prices, type of cuisine, amenities, plus the all important X-factor: the feature that makes staying there a truly unique experience
  • The full scope of contemporary travel in two neat volumes, coffee table-sized and with countless glossy photographs
  • “…lush inspiration for wanderlust.”

    — Passport Magazine, Los Angeles
  • “Books like 100 Getaways Around the World make you want to raid your bank account, exhaust your frequent-flier points and pack a toothbrush.”

    — Scanorama, London
  • “With 100 new places to pore over, this two-volume, hardcover book has put an end to the hopelessly vast internet holiday search.”

    — Irish Tatler, Dublin
  • “Perfect for avid travelers or any coffee table, 100 Getaways Around the World combines beauty, tranquility and uniqueness into an unforgettable vacation.”

    —, New York
  • “An inspirational monster of a coffee table book with travel porn and beautiful photography. Perfect for seasoned travellers and armchair dreamers alike.”

    — Fused, Staffordshire
  • “Forget the depressing bank account for five minutes and indulge yourself in this sumptous collection of the world’s most desirable getaways, where the sun always shines, the water’s always blue and the wine’s always chilled to perfection.”

    — Daily Mail, London
  • „…there has never been a more worthy assembly of heavenly hideaways to help you choose where to relax next and leaving you with an insatiable vocation for vacation.”

    — Denizen, Auckland
  • “Leafing through this book on a grey afternoon, midweek is enough to make you cry with longing for that fantasy terrace and the handsome wine waiter.”

    — Sunday Telegraph Travel Magazine, London on Great Escapes Mediterranean
  • “The world’s most intriguing and enticing places to stay.”

    — Lonely Planet Traveller, London
  • “This is a true bible for those with wanderlust and wanting inspiration for travel or even interior design… Whatever your mood or pocket, this guide has it covered.”

    — Food & Travel, London