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Get the most out of New York

In New York, it's all about who you know: and now you're connected

TASCHEN's New York

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  • "Get it booked - Shop, sleep and eat like a native New Yorker with TASCHEN's big city bible."

    — Stylist, London
  • "These beautifully designed travel tomes from luxury publishing house TASCHEN are not your typical pocketbook guides to pack and carry around…but are chic coffee-table books for discerning and sophisticated travellers…the guides feature a mix of quirky illustrations and stylish photographs, and are packed with insider tips and precious advice that will make you shop, eat and sleep like a native New Yorker or Londoner. So whether it’s a shopping spree in the City of Lights you desire, or a night on Broadway in the Big Apple, these creative gems will take you on a magical journey in the comfort of your living room and provide plenty of inspiration before you embark on your next glamorous jaunt to one of these capitals of cool."

    — Harper’s Bazaar
  • "Run over to the luxe TASCHEN store to pick up the exclusive new TASCHEN's New York...Angelika Taschen, connoisseur of global cool, finally releases her collection of best hotels, restaurants, and shopping Big Apple-style... all in one sophisticated, yet whimsical coffee-table book...Travel guides to the Big Apple? Totally overdone. A TASCHEN guide to New York? Raises the bar!"

    — TheSuperMelon.com, New York