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Food & Drink Infographics. A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures

Hardcover with two fold-outs, 9.7 x 14.6 in., 8.25 lb, 464 pages
US$ 80
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A must-have for every 21st-century foodie, this book gathers the best infographics of all things eating, drinking, and cooking. Whether it’s the secrets of sashimi or stress-free party planning, this is gastro-guidance at its most visually appealing and expert, solving kitchen conundrums in simple and memorable graphics, while exploring visual representation of food through the ages.

Customer reviews (11)

Delicious Data

A compendium of cooking, eating, and drinking infographics
Amid our ever-growing consumption of data visualization, nothing makes for tastier morsels than the fine art of food and dining. Ushering the cookbook into the future, this volume gathers together the best infographics of all things eating, drinking, and cuisine, from measurement conversion charts and recipes for cookies and cocktails to stress-free party planning.

A must-have for every 21st-century foodie, this is gastro-guidance at its most visually appealing as much as expert. Want to master sashimi? Know the secret to perfectly grilled steak? Wow guests with your own dry martini? Food & Drink Infographics has all the answers and more, using the best culinary graphics to answer kitchen conundrums in lively, simple, and memorable form.

You’ll find infographics on all the food groups, from grains and pulses to fruit and vegetables, to fish, meat, and poultry. Recipe ideas include soups, sandwiches, snacks, sweet treats, and just-right dressings. Other sections cover flavor pairings, baking, cooking tools and techniques, and alcohols, coffee, and tea.

The book opens with a foreword by cooking author Michael Ruhlman, followed by a historic survey of food imagery examining how and where pictures have been used to enjoy, prepare, and serve food and drink, from Egyptian tomb paintings showing flatbread being made to 19th-century classics such as Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Slick, smart, and packed full of perfect nuggets of advice, Food & Drink Infographics rounds up a delightful visual exploration of food and dining as much as an indispensable collection of everyday tips, techniques, and temptations.
The author

Simone Klabin was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to New York in the 1990s. She is a trained lawyer who has also written and lectured extensively about film, art, culture, and children’s media.

The editor

Julius Wiedemann studied graphic design and marketing and was an art editor for newspapers and design magazines in Tokyo before joining TASCHEN in 2001. His titles include the Illustration Now! and Record Covers series, as well as the infographics collection and books about advertising and visual culture.

Food & Drink Infographics. A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures
Hardcover with two fold-outs, 9.7 x 14.6 in., 8.25 lb, 464 pages

Customer reviews (11)

Beautiful and informative

Sigurthor, November 03, 2021
Beautiful and informative. As a foodie, just the book I've been looking for.

Love it!

Ana-Maria, October 27, 2021
This is a book that will worn out as there is no day I don't fall back to it... so much useful information even for me which I'm quite accustomed w/ cooking and food infographics... also made out a great Christmas gift to my friends!

For the cooking and drinking passionate

Louis, October 27, 2021
So nice to have this much of content. The book is really big and easy to read!! I recommend it !

Best complete food infographic

Paolo, October 27, 2021
This book does not just give you cool health advice, it does it beautifully, guiding you through a journey of self-explaining graphics!
Recommended for designers and food lovers ;)

Great Gift

Ashley, October 27, 2021
Really fun book for anyone interested in food and cooking.

Facts meet Food

Thomas, October 27, 2021
This is one of my favorites, the graphics are amazing. The facts are great. I would highly recommend.

Love it

Allegra, October 27, 2021
This book is amazing! It is a visual guide full of tips and techniques and history about all sort of food. Love it


Javier, December 27, 2021
Imprescindible para amantes de la infografía

Interessantes zu Kulinarischem

Martin, November 02, 2021
Ein wirklich gelungenes Buch, welches einlädt zum Schmökern.

Die besten Infografiken!

Sebastian, November 02, 2021
Dieses Buch gehört zu meinen absoluten Favoriten!
Die Infografiken sind abwechslungsreich, kunstvoll und höchst interessant.
Wer gerne Essen zubereitet, sich bewusst ernährt oder sich einfach nur für gute Illustrationen und Infografiken interessiert darf dieses Buch nicht übergehen!
Hier gibt es geballtes Wissen zu jedem Aspekt unserer Nahrung, ansehnlich und kunstvoll, aber auch extrem informativ und kompakt aufbereitet!
Absolute Empfehlung! Aber Achtung, das Buch ist gigantisch!