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D&AD. The Copy Book

Hardcover, 5.5 x 7.7 in., 2.38 lb, 544 pages
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Edition: English
Edition: English
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In 1995, the D&AD published a book on the intricate art of writing for advertising. Now, D&AD and TASCHEN join forces to bring you this updated and redesigned edition with essays by 53 leading professionals from across the world. This book isn’t just indispensable for marketing writers, but for anyone who needs to win people over online, on paper, or in person.

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Customer reviews (11)

Creative Bible

An updated edition of the best-selling reference work for copywriting
In 1995, the D&AD published a book on the art of writing for advertising. The then best-selling book remains an important reference work today—a bible for creative directors. D&AD and TASCHEN have joined forces to bring you an updated and redesigned edition of the publication. Regarded as the most challenging field in advertising, copywriting is usually left to the most talented professionals—often agency leaders or owners themselves. The book features a work selection and essays by 53 leading professionals in the world, including copywriting superstars such as David Abbott, Lionel Hunt, Steve Hayden, Dan Wieden, Neil French, Mike Lescarbeau, Adrian Holmes, and Barbara Nokes.

The lessons to be learned on these pages will help you create clearer and more persuasive arguments, whether you are writing an inspiring speech, an engaging web banner or a persuasive letter. This is not simply a “must-have” book for people in advertising and marketing, it is also a “should-have” for anyone who needs to involve or influence people, by webpage, on paper, or in person.
The editor

D&AD is a nonprofit educational charity that was launched in 1962 by a group of London-based creative revolutionaries including David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Alan Fletcher, with iconic and legendary professionals on both its judging panels and winners lists. By celebrating creative communication and rewarding its practitioners, D&AD raises standards across the industry. The annual D&AD Awards—the industry’s biggest and best—rewards outstanding creativity, originality, technical excellence and innovation in design and advertising.

D&AD. The Copy Book
Hardcover, 5.5 x 7.7 in., 2.38 lb, 544 pages
ISBN 978-3-8365-6852-4
Edition: English
Bibliotheca Universalis — Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe!

Customer reviews (11)

Creative process explained

Lucian, November 03, 2021
Attention all copywriters: veterans or newcomers, you should own this! This is a map from the greats to use in the creative journey.

Très beau livre

Clément, October 28, 2021
Une très jolie édition

Knowing advertisement

Giacomo, October 27, 2021
It is fascinating how the people behind ads can influence so easily our behaviour. Actually they create trend and lead, both in a good and bad way, the contemporary society. This book is excellent both because it makes you understand all the process behind the creation of an ad and introduces the reader into the history of this art. Absolutely suggest.

Helpful and inspiring

Adriana, October 27, 2021
A good read for copywriters and redactors who want to go deep into the work of top professionals in search for motivation

Great book

Sha, October 27, 2021
Great book about the history of advertising and copywriting!

A marvelous journey

Valentino, October 27, 2021
More than a history collection, it is a marvelous journey through the most interesting and famous works of copywriting.

Very interesting

Răzvan, October 27, 2021
Can't wait to take a look around this book and learn from the work processes of the advertising masters.

Super livre

Alicia, October 27, 2021
Great book to read for advertising industry workers.

Toujours un plaisir

Olga, October 27, 2021
Même le petit format sont toujours satisfaisants et bien fait ! Toujours un plaisir de recevoir de beaux livres taschen

Tolle Reise durch die Welt der Werbung

Matthias, December 17, 2021
Schön gestaltet und informativ
D&AD. The Copy Book (Bibliotheca Universalis)
The Copy Book
US$ 20
New price July 01, 2022: US$ 25
Save US$ 5
D&AD. The Copy Book (Bibliotheca Universalis)