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Strategies for success - How to make your business work online

Strategies for success

How to make your business work online

The Internet Case Study Book

US$ 39.99
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Featuring more than 80 success stories, from clients’ briefings to final projects, this book, which follows on from the best selling Guidelines for Online Success title, provides detailed studies divided into five chapters: e-Commerce, Corporate Sites, Campaigns, Social Media, and Promotional Sites. These subjects form the core of what the web can offer to every person or institution, and knowing how these projects were developed can help differentiate your business or online presence from that of your competitors.

Strategies examined range from those of giant corporations to small businesses, but all have a common goal: a successful, efficient and cost-effective investment on the web. Each project is laid out in terms of Brief, Challenge, Strategy and Results. From Coca-Cola to Prince of Persia, from Diesel to Domino’s Pizza, this book shows how successful businesses of any size can devise an effective online presence, and features the work of strategic innovators such as Ajaz Ahmed, Alex Bogusky, and Jeff Goodby.
  • "The Internet Case Study Book is a top pick for business and computer collections alike. It compiles stories and statistics behind some of the most successful sites on the web, from social media to e-commerce and promotional sites. Chapters offer insights into the special challenges each company faced when creating its superior site, and provide specifics perfect for internet users and e-commerce companies seeking a better understanding of how the top-rated sites were created."

    — Midwest Book Review