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Planet on the page - A visual atlas of our vast, fragile world

Planet on the page

A visual atlas of our vast, fragile world

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Understanding the World. The Atlas of Infographics

US$ 80
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  • “…an incredible insight into the world we live in. They say a picture says a thousand words, well I think INFOGRAPHICS can say a million. A breathtaking look at the scale, diversity and detail in every element of life on Earth, the book opens your eyes to new facts and captivates your imagination. With graphics drawn from such sources as Fortune, National Geographic, and The Guardian, this is not only a showcase of outstanding data design, but also a fascinating digest of where and how we live.” The Birmingham Gazette, Birmingham

    — The Birmingham Gazette, Birmingham
  • “…some of the best infographics from around the world… Understanding the World is fascinating to flick through and, with its lovely production values, would look good on any coffee table.”

    — Delayed Gratification, London
  • “…a fascinating read, and regardless of the depth of your current knowledge about the world, it is guaranteed to teach you something new.”

    — Geographical Magazine, London
  • “…exemplary illustration. A striking and engaging visual atlas…A book to hold onto.”

    — Scottish Woman Magazine, Glasgow
  • “Two hundred eighty graphics focusing on the 21st century provide accessible, visual ways of explaining the world through captivating information graphics and design”.

    — The Los Angeles Times
  • Understanding the World: The Atlas of Infographics is an attempt to decode a planet drowned in enigmatic information and statistics… An important record of the state of the world today.”

    — YCN (Young Creatives Network), London
  • “… 280 information-rich graphics, ranging from the environment and technology to the economics and culture of the 21st century. A highly recommended book for any household.”

    — Selectism.com, New York