The Making of Helmut Newton's SUMO

Helmut Newton's SUMO is a titanic book in every respect: Measuring 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27.5 inches) and weighing approx. 30 kg (66 lb.), the book contains 480 pages, breaking any previous record. SUMO is a truly unique publication.

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"...a monumental offering from TASCHEN which includes thousands of images and sells around £2,000. These will ensure his images continue to challenge and delight with an individuality and character which Charlotte Cotton ( curator of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Photograph Department).) believes,' Will not be mimicked in the 21st Century'. "
British Journal of Photography, London, United Kingdom

"Sadistic, beautiful, sexy, shocking, banal. Whatever, as you can see from these pages, the one thing Newton's photographs are not is boring."
GQ, London, United Kingdom

"The Godzilla of photo books and our favourite."
FHM, London, United Kingdom

This is not a review but.... having seen and heard about this book I did want to say that my desire for it has almost become its own fetish....It gives me a reason to go out and earn money... how many times in a life can you say that of a book
Doug, United Kingdom

I am # 280, It's alive ! Thanks for giving to the world this piece of art.
Mauricio Donelli, Photographer, Venezuela

Well, after i lifted this colossal tome, and after the triple hernia operation (just kidding), i was delighted to see the best work of the 20th century's most original photographer. may helmut keep shooting for the next 20 years. BRAVO, newton, from one of your biggest fans.
lightmotives, United States

YES YES YES, the critics were all correct in their appraisal of this magnificent publication. it is absolutely stupendous in every way! if you're a HELMUT NEWTON fan like i am, then this book is an orgasmic experience.
neil malcolm roberts, United States
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Helmut Newton's SUMO
Sold out

Helmut Newton's SUMO

Helmut Newton
Hardcover with book stand, 19.7 x 27.6 in., 464 pages, $ 18,000
Helmut Newton at the Frankfurt Bookfair, 1999
The production team of SUMO