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Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987

Hardcover, 9 x 11.4 in., 6.06 lb, 408 pages
US$ 60
Multilingual Edition:
English, French, German
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book reveals hundreds of instant pictures by the artist. From self-portraits to still lives, anonymous nudes to New York high society, from Cabbage Patch dolls to Dolly Parton, Keith Haring to Audrey Hepburn, these impromptu images offer a unique record of the Pop Art maestro’s world.

© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Customer reviews (17)

Instant Andy

Before there was Instagram, there was Warhol
Andy Warhol was a relentless chronicler of life and its encounters. Carrying a Polaroid camera from the late 1950s until his death in 1987, he amassed a huge collection of instant pictures of friends, lovers, patrons, the famous, the obscure, the scenic, the fashionable, and himself. Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book features hundreds of these instant photos.

Portraits of celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Nicholson, Yves Saint Laurent, Pelé, Debbie Harry are included alongside images of Warhol’s entourage and high life, landscapes, and still lifes from Cabbage Patch dolls to the iconic soup cans. Often raw and impromptu, the Polaroids document Warhol’s era like Instagram captures our own, offering a unique record of the life, world, and vision behind the Pop Art maestro and modernist giant.

© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
The author

Richard B. Woodward is a New York based arts critic who contributes regularly to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. His journalism has appeared in numerous publications, from The Atlantic, Bookforum, Film Comment, The American Scholar, and The New Yorker to Vanity Fair, Interview, and Vogue. His essays on art and photography have been featured in more than 20 monographs and museum catalogs.

The editor

Reuel Golden is the former editor of the British Journal of Photography and the Photography editor at TASCHEN. His TASCHEN titles include: Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, both London and New York Portrait of a City books, The Rolling Stones, Her Majesty, Football in the 1970s, the National Geographic editions, the David Bailey SUMO and Andy Warhol. Polaroids.

Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987
Hardcover, 9 x 11.4 in., 6.06 lb, 408 pages
ISBN 978-3-8365-6938-5
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

Customer reviews (17)

The Warhol you dont expect, if you know Warhol only for printmaking.

MaY, November 05, 2021
If you cant get why Warhol is so important, maybe you get closer after this book.

One of the best!

Pedro Eduardo N, November 02, 2021
Andy Warhol's polaroids are some of the most iconic of history. This book makes a perfect rendition of his best polaroid work.

Always the Best

Matteo, October 28, 2021
TASCHEN is another word for perfection, always satisfied with their products.

The cover says it all

John, October 28, 2021
Couldn't have done better. Another show piece perfected by Taschen.

A beautiful book with amazing colors

Maria Paz, October 27, 2021
I really love this book, the colors, the pictures and everything. I have it in my living room and it makes me so happy to see it every day :)

Excellent book!

Vasilis, October 27, 2021
When i saw the book i bought polaroid

Une belle page d'histoire

Christophe, October 27, 2021
Des belles photos témoignant d'une époque charnière créatrice !
On a même l'impression que certaines étaient prises sur le vif !

La qualité Taschen

Damien, October 27, 2021
C'est un classement mérité que de classer les livres Taschen dans la catégorie "Beaux livres". Celui-ci ne fait pas exception. Cette succession de polaroid du maître Warhol nous ouvre la porte sur d'autres époques, fragments d'instants couchés sur papier glacé.

Perfect product and great customer service

Davide, October 27, 2021
This book is amazing: pictures are printed perfectly and the size allows you to see details; also the price was extremely good and affordable!
I had some troubles with the shipment but the customer service was very helpful and they kindly resolved my issue in a few days.

Andy warhol

Olivier, October 27, 2021
Livre magnifique
Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987
Andy Warhol.
Polaroids 1958-1987
US$ 60
Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987