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Renaissance Radical - An earthly delight not to be missed

Renaissance Radical

An earthly delight not to be missed

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Hieronymus Bosch. Complete Works

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  • “TASCHEN’s new book on Bosch is surely the most lavishly produced monograph ever published on the artist. Weighing almost ten pounds, its three hundred pages include superb colour reproductions of Bosch’s paintings and drawings, supplemented by numerous enlarged details that allow us to examine the details of Bosch’s fantastic imagery with a clarity seldom possible, even when we confront them in a museum gallery.”

    — The Burlington Magazine, London
  • “… the most comprehensive study to date… This book offers an unprecedented insight into how the work of this erudite artist has been viewed under Catholic dogma.”

    — RTVE.es, Television Española, Madrid
  • “Our absolute favourite… a magnificent book… The book is as impressive for its size as for the quality of its reproductions, whose goal is to permit the reader finally to grasp the most beautiful triptychs in their totality… Here truly the magic and precision of the artist are revealed, along with his entire symbolology.”

    — Le Parisien Magazine, Paris
  • “This contemporary of Johannes Gutenberg and Christopher Columbus was, with brush in hand, already as modern and as monstrously playful as the Swiss science-fiction surrealist H.R. Giger 500 years later. He was as sensually sinful as the gallant Helmut Newton and as imaginative as Spain’s ingenious top eccentric Salvador Dalí. Here for the first time all his paintings are published in one book.”

    — 10 vor 10 (SRF 1), Zurich
  • “Sumptuous! That’s the adjective that comes to mind when leafing through the titanic volume that TASCHEN – truly now the temple-guardians of world art – have devoted to Hieronymus Bosch. An almost exhaustive work combining luxurious illustrations and commentaries of exceptionally fascinating scholarship; reading this volume requires time and attention if one is to grasp the full subtlety of the delirious or Dantesque visions that sit side-by-side with the most traditional religious representations. Throughout it swarm the myriad strange creatures born directly of the artist’s prodigious imagination. Such opulence makes of this jewel of the bookcase both a work of art and a testimony to the magnificent artistic prodigality of the man.”

    — Le Nouvel Observateur/ Blog Nomade’s Land, Paris
  • “You step into this majestic homage to Hieronymus Bosch as you might into a film on a Hollywood cinema screen… No second thoughts: buy this immense book full of often scabrous images. They will surely make of you an inspired being. The reproductions have immense presence, often over the full double-spread. The selection of details for enlargement is invariably judicious.”

    — Blog des arts, Lyons
  • “A measured, scholarly and referenced account of the artist, his period and his workshop practices… An artwork in itself.”

    — The West Australian, Perth
  • “The complete works published by TASCHEN is exceptional in every regard. First and foremost, for the sheer scale of the book. Then there is the quality of the full-page colour reproductions. And the excellent selection of details in extraordinary enlargements… The quality of the explanatory texts is also exceptional.”

    — L’Echo Magazine, Geneva
  • “This may be the first time for many of us to actually see Bosch… Bosch’s paintings require close-up textual study. With these pages, there’s no guard to shoo you back or announce closing time.”

    — BookForum, New York
  • “Bosch in breathtakingly unearthly depth of field.”

    — Die Welt, Berlin