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There’s a TASCHEN book for everyone. Give your loved ones a special treat with the TASCHEN E-Gift Card.
Delivered by email* and redeemable on taschen.com

The E-Gift Card will be sent to yourself first so that you can forward it to the recipient with a personalised note.

*Most e-Gift Card orders are delivered within 2 hours, but can take up to 24 hours.
How soon will I receive my E-Gift Card?
After purchasing an E-Gift Card in our web shop you will in a first step receive an order confirmation, and then another email within 24 hours containing your 16-digit E-Gift Card number and 4-digit security PIN. You can easily print it or forward the E-Gift Card to its recipient.

Is there an expiration date on E-Gift Cards?
There is no expiration date on our E-Gift Cards.

How can I pay by E-Gift Card in your web shop?
Once you have chosen your item, go to check out. On the payment step, select “Credit Card or E-Gift Card (powered by Givex)”. Then select Givex as your payment method and enter your E-Gift Card number. The amount is then applied to the total amount in the shopping basket.

Who is Givex?
Givex is our E-Gift Card provider. For more information, please see here.

How do I check my E-Gift Card balance?
To check the balance of your E-Gift Card, visit the below page depending on your card's currency:

Can I buy or redeem an E-Gift Card in different currencies?
You can only buy a gift card in your local currency.
E-Gift Cards can only be redeemed in the currency they were purchased in.

Can I pay with multiple E-Gift Cards?
It is not possible to pay using multiple E-Gift Cards in one order but we are looking into this option for the future. Please check back in a couple of months.

Can I apply a promo code to purchase an E-Gift Card?
No, promo codes cannot be used to purchase an E-Gift Card.

Can E-Gift Cards be combined with promo codes?
No, promo codes cannot be combined with an E-Gift Card.

Can I return an E-Gift Card?
Your digital E-Gift Card has a cash value, and so you cannot return it.

What if I lose my E-Gift Card?
Your E-Gift Card has cash value and should be looked after as if it were cash. TASCHEN is not responsible for the loss or theft of a printed E-Gift Card. If you lose your E-Gift Card information before gifting it and can provide proof of purchase you can contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Can I use my Digital E-Gift Cards in TASCHEN stores too?
At the moment we only offer E-Gift Cards for our own web shop but are looking into physical E-Gift Card options for the future. Please check back in a few months.

Can I top up my E-Gift Card?
Unfortunately there is no option to top up your card at the moment.

Can I return a product which was bought via E-Gift Card?
Yes, generally you can return products up to 14 days after purchase through this form.

How will I receive my refund, if I payed via E-Gift Card?
When your refund is granted, the amount will be returned back to your original E-Gift Card.
US$ 150