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Architecture outside the box - Designing the great outdoors

Architecture outside the box

Designing the great outdoors

Landscape Architecture Now!

US$ 39.99
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One of the hottest areas of contemporary design is landscape architecture. No matter what the architectural style of the moment, the green areas around houses, stadiums or corporate headquarters have taken on a considerable importance, all the more so with the emphasis on ecology and green design. This book calls on the work of the top designers of the moment, from Ken Smith, author of the Museum of Modern Art’s rooftop garden, to West 8 from Rotterdam, but also on architects ranging from Steven Holl to Tadao Ando, who have long been fascinated by the environments of their buildings. There are new names like the Lebanese landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic and well-known ones like Renzo Piano. There are established firms, like the Wirtz family from Belgium or Gustafson Porter from the United States, and young creators like Sophie Agata Ambroise from Lugano. Landscape architecture may not always be easy to delimit, but this new book opens the doors and windows of today’s architecture into the gardens of tomorrow.
  • "When it comes to designing a house from scratch, many architects will tell you that the surrounding space is increasingly becoming as important as the environment you are creating inside. It’s about the whole lifestyle package and not simply the bricks and mortar. Architecture Now! Landscape looks at the work of top garden designers, architects and the emerging talents from all over the world, providing ideas and inspiration on all levels."

    — Homes & Interiors Scotland, Glasgow