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Blickfänger - Coverdesign in der Weimarer Republik


Coverdesign in der Weimarer Republik

Main SR only Anker

Buchumschläge in der Weimarer Republik

US$ 70
Mehrsprachige Ausgabe:
Deutsch, Englisch
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
  • „Zum nachsehen, nachspüren und nachdenken… Eindrucksvollste Coverdesigns, die das Lebensgefühl Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts widerspiegeln.”

    — Kulturzeit (3sat), Mainz
  • “A lavish bilingual survey with over 1,000 illustrations and succinct commentary.”

    — The Times Literary Supplement, London
  • “…such a visually exciting publication. It is an indispensable record of a dazzlingly rich period, when various avant-garde styles …must have competed for attention in the booksellers’ windows…”

    — World of Interiors, London
  • “…a visually stunning catalogue of Berlin’s nascent book art culture between the world wars.”

    — AIGA.com, New York
  • “Just browsing through the pages can easily transport you into a huge bookstore in early 20th Century Berlin, well-stocked with just about every genre of fiction and non-fiction you can imagine… To enjoy the pleasures and glories of the golden age of the region’s visual — and literary — arts, you can blissfully immerse yourself for hours in The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic.”

    — PRINT Magazine
  • „Lese-, Bilderbuch und Nachschlagewerk in einem… Das stimmig sortierte Potpourri der Buchumschläge dokumentiert den, wie Musil sagen würde, 'Möglichkeitssinn' des so quirligen Weimarer Jahrzehnts.“

    — Die Welt, Berlin
  • “This is the first accessible critical mass of fiction, non-fiction, art, textbooks and children’s book covers and jackets ever assembled. And although German design magazines covering this fourteen-year period often featured surveys with tip-in originals of jackets, there has never been a thematic historical resource to address the context, contents, and creators of the books through expert voices of publishing and design scholars. What’s more, it is sobering that the work presented in The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic so clearly influenced design between the wars up to and including today.”

    — Steven Heller for Design Observer, New York
  • “…this large volume taps into the Weimar's creative hub and how it established its unique artistic aesthetic.”

    — Interviewmagazine.com, New York
  • “It is almost impossible to do justice to the richness of this selection, which gives us a clear sense of the explosion of energy in publishing during the Weimar period… this book weighs two and half kilos, but every gram is worth it.”

    — The Times Literary Supplement, London
  • “Una catalogazione e presentazione a dir poco superlativa… che celebra l’ambizione, l’inventiva e la bellezza del libro.”

    — FOTOgraphia, Milano

Jim Heimann

„Ein weiterer Aspekt der Weimarer Republik wird in dieser wundervollen Sammlung von Buchcovern in vorzüglicher, fachmännischer Ausführlichkeit vorgestellt.“
Jim Heimann
Illustration: Robert Nippoldt