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TASCHENs Buchständer

Clear Acrylic bookstand, 5,9 x 13,8 in.
US$ 50
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
Klappständer aus glasklarem Acryl, ideal für größere Bücher

Kundenbewertungen (11)

Klappständer aus glasklarem Acryl, ideal für größere Bücher

Das glasartig transparente Acrylobjekt nimmt es auch mit unseren XL-Bänden auf (nicht geeignet für Sammler-Ausgaben und Bücher mit horizontalem Format) und lässt sich für Transport oder Aufbewahrung zusammenklappen. Die perfekte Art, Ihre Lieblingsbücher von TASCHEN auf den Sockel zu heben!
TASCHENs Buchständer
Clear Acrylic bookstand, 5,9 x 13,8 in.
ISBN 978-3-8365-2611-1

Kundenbewertungen (11)


John, 02. November 2021
Stylishly simple, functional and well made. Very useful for reading and also serves as a display stand.

Sehr eleganter und funktionaler Buchständer

Andrea, 29. Oktober 2021
Dieser Buchständer eignet sich hervorragend um größere Werke und Bildbände dauerhaft in den eigenen 4 Wänden auszustellen.
Wir sind sehr zufrieden damit.

Terrific tool

Richard, 29. Oktober 2021
Holds these massive, beautiful books beautifully.

Beautiful, Elegant, and Well Made!

Camille, 28. Oktober 2021
I have already received so many compliments on my acrylic bookstand! It is just what I needed to elevate my coffee table. I think this bookstand really works well for a smaller table that a stack of books would look too clunky on. I love mine and I'm buying more for Christmas presents!

Perfect way to display these books

Sam M, 28. Oktober 2021
Great for tabletop display of the TASCHEN books, especially if you want to focus on one photo or section to encourage guests to flip through.

Not worth it

Joshua, 27. Oktober 2021
This is just an overpriced piece of plastic shipped from China. Nothing to the same quality that the books are made of. I would be pressed to say this should really be made of glass. It arrived for me with some plastic scuffs down the middle and was easily the biggest letdown order of the year. Not to mention it DOES NOT work for the XXL books, only the XL. Don't bother.

Like an open book....

Brad, 27. Oktober 2021
Simple but elegant. This displays works for many different size books. Holds in place well. Display book can be bigger than bookstand. Very happy.

Beauty displayed!

Elizabeth, 27. Oktober 2021
We love our book stand. It is sturdy, simple and allows us to share our books with guests who come over. Highly recommend this stand compared to others!!


Sarah, 27. Oktober 2021
Used this stand for my Helmut Newton book - makes it look fantastic.

Fantastic quality

Kristoff, 27. Oktober 2021
Bookstands usually aren't the first things I think of when shopping for new or large-format books, but these are a must-have for anyone wanting to keep new and old purchases visible and accessible. If I had the display space, I'd have one for every TASCHEN title I own.
Bookstand. Size XL

Size XL

US$ 100
Bookstand. Size L

Size L

US$ 80
Bookstand. Size M

Size M

US$ 50


US$ 40
TASCHENs Buchständer
TASCHEN's Bookstand
US$ 50
TASCHENs Buchständer