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Visionen von Himmel und Hölle - Zum 750. Geburtstag von Dante: William Blakes Zeichnungen zur Göttlichen Komödie

Visionen von Himmel und Hölle

Zum 750. Geburtstag von Dante: William Blakes Zeichnungen zur Göttlichen Komödie

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William Blake. Die Zeichnungen zu Dantes Göttlicher Komödie

US$ 150
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  • “This book from TASCHEN - this monstrous, divine in itself, outrageously most beautiful book I have in my collection (and have ever owned) - is more about Blake than it is Dante, and yet, for all its epic classicalism, Divine Comedy without Blake is only half the book it should be… 324 cloth bound pages with 14 fold out spreads make this so much more than a simple 'art book' - it's actually something of an experience…To wrap up: All writers sit in Dante's shadow when it comes to relaying simple concepts of great importance. Blake on the other hand, makes all artists who followed him seem lacking in their understanding of the workings of the world and of what goes on behind the curtain. And then there's TASCHEN, who put all other art publishers to shame on a grand scale. My work here is complete.”

    — Skin Deep, London
  • „Mit dem Prachtband der Zeichnungen William Blakes legt TASCHEN ein inhaltlich und gestalterisch überzeugendes, Seite für Seite begeisterndes Gesamtkunstwerk vor, das Danteleser fesseln, bereichern und entzücken wird.“

    — Buchmarkt, Meerbusch
  • “A fitting tribute for Dante’s 750th anniversary year, this exquisite book unites Blake’s designs in one monumental tome. Produced to the highest standard in kaleidoscopic colour, this is a work to be treasured by lay readers and scholars alike… It is this book, in all its colour and complexity, which carries Blake’s final word forward – a dazzling vision, burning bright.”

    — World of Interiors Magazine, London
  • “…an invaluable resource and a lovely book to spend quality time with.”

    — Dublin Review of Books, Dublin
  • „Es macht Vergnügen, Blakes Dante-Illustrationen in XXL aufzuklappen… Danke, Dante. Bravo, Blake! Ihr seid schon eine kongeniale Kombo!“

    — Die Welt, Berlin
  • „…a beautiful symbiosis on the themes of love, guilt, punishment, revenge, and redemption.“

    — Interviewmag.com, New York