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Bookstand. Extra-Large. Crystal Green

125Disponibilità: settembre 8, 2024

Made from glass-like acrylic, and available in three bold, arresting colors to match our audacious catalog, our bookstands are the perfect pedestal to showcase your collection: either closed or open to leaf through. Three possible sizes accommodate almost our entire range of titles, presenting your TASCHEN favorites with both care and style.

Custom-made in solid acrylic, height 41 cm, width 45 cm
Bookstand, Green, XL

Bookstand, Green, XL


Your Favorites on Center-Stage

Give your TASCHEN books a support with style

The TASCHEN bookstand brings your collection out from the confines of your bookshelves, and back to its rightful place on center-stage.

The three sizes of medium, large, and extra-large allow for the secure and stylish display of almost our entire spectrum of titles, except for our gargantuan SUMOs. Also reflecting the variety within our editions, three eye-catching colors – radiant pink, crystal green, and urban grey – provide a fitting foundation to display TASCHEN’s big, bright, and bold back catalog.

Bookstand. Extra-Large. Crystal Green
Custom-made in solid acrylic, height 41 cm, width 45 cm

ISBN 978-3-8365-9556-8

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1 Valutazione

Margarita I.,9 novembre 2023
Fantastic stand, now I can explore my beautiful Frida Kahlo book each day. So happy