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“A rare collaboration between two explosive talents.”
The Sunday Times
XL books are at least 34 cm (13.4 in.) high, with the exception of landscape-format titles

Richard Avedon. James Baldwin. Nada Personal

Hardcover with booklet in slipcase10.6 x 14.2 in.4.36 lb160 pages80Edition: Spanish Availability: Currently not available

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This meticulous reprint of Richard Avedon and James Baldwin’s searing monograph, Nothing Personal, explores the contradictions at the heart of American experience, juxtaposing subjects from Marilyn Monroe and Allen Ginsberg to mental asylum patients and the American Nazi party. A 72-page booklet features never-before-seen outtakes, correspondence, original layouts, and an essay by Pulitzer Prize winner Hilton Als.
XL books are at least 34 cm (13.4 in.) high, with the exception of landscape-format titles
Richard Avedon. James Baldwin. Nothing Personal

Richard Avedon. James Baldwin. Nothing Personal


Avedon and Baldwin’s American Journey

Richard Avedon and James Baldwin’s landmark 1964 book finally back in print

This meticulous reprint of Richard Avedon and James Baldwin’s Nothing Personal explores the complexities and contradictions still at the center of the American experience – especially timely in the age of Donald Trump. Deploying both image and text, Avedon and Baldwin examine the formation of identity, and the bonds that both underlie and undermine human connection. An accompanying 72-page booklet features a fresh essay by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Hilton Als, and many of Avedon’s unpublished outtakes, correspondence, preliminary layouts and ephemera.

In 1963-64, former high school friends Richard Avedon, at the time one of the world’s most famous photographers, and James Baldwin, best-selling novelist and essayist and a leading literary voice in the American civil rights movement, collaborated on Nothing Personal, a book about the state of life in America.

Avedon’s subjects range from civil rights icons, to intellectuals, politicians, pop singers, patients in a mental institution, and ordinary Americans, all carefully juxtaposed, cropped, and tightly sequenced. Here, the American Nazi Party contends with poet Allen Ginsberg, and a weary General Eisenhower gives way to the sway of Malcolm X. Depleted mental institution patients call out for human warmth, and are followed by the embrace of mother and child.

Baldwin’s four-part essay offers a critique of a society that is disconnected, unjust and divisive, and therefore in the midst of an existential crisis. In a highly personal and pertinent testimony, he writes about his own experience of harassment by a racist police officer in his native New York City. Yet Baldwin, like Avedon, ends his work with the inescapable need for – and power of – love.

Designed by legendary art director Marvin Israel, Nothing Personal is a triumph of minimalism. An oversized book in its own white slipcase, the striking placement of both photographs and text revolutionized the design and packaging of photography books. This is a faithful reprint of the original book, which has been out of print for decades, and was produced with the collaboration of The Richard Avedon Foundation.

Hilton Als, Avedon’s former colleague at The New Yorker, and a scholar of Baldwin’s work, traces the making of Nothing Personal and documents the friendship and creative relationship between Avedon and Baldwin. Als also movingly reflects on how Nothing Personal impacted his own life, as well as his friendship with Avedon.

When first published in 1964, Avedon and Baldwin’s vision of America was controversial, and both men endured harsh criticism for being liberal elites and “Hollywood moralists” who were not representing the true feelings of “real” Americans. Sound familiar?

To coincide with the book’s release, New York’s Pace Gallery will present a comprehensive exploration of Avedon’s photographs and documents from Nothing Personal.
Richard Avedon. James Baldwin. Nada Personal
Hardcover with booklet in slipcase27 x 36 cm1.98 kg160 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-6956-9

Edition: Spanish
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8 Ratings

Un must have

Anonymous,October 27, 2021
Qui peut avoir des livres photos sans avoir un seul livre de Avedon ? Les paysagistes peut-être La collaboration Avedon / Baldwin fonctionne bien. Un seul regret : que le livre ne soit pas un peu plus gros, quite à ce que son prix le soit aussi.

Perfect gift

Anonymous,October 27, 2021
I chose Baldwin and Avedon's book as a gift and, of course, it was a success.


Anonymous,October 27, 2021
Un libro de alta calidad. Llegó en prefecto estado. Fue para un regalo y triunfó!

Un clásico

Anonymous,December 27, 2021
Un clásico de la fotografía en una muy buena edición. Muy contento con la compra.

Richard Avedon, James Baldwin. NADA PERSONAL

Anonymous,December 22, 2021
Excelente libro de dos grandes maestros.

Richard Avedon, nada personal

Anonymous,October 27, 2021
Hay otras obras de Richard Avedon, que las impresiones te tiran para atrás de la fuerza impactante de sus imagenes, son como un hilo conductor que te llevan de la sala de exposición al libro. La obra de Avedon es magnífica, extraordinaria; ahora bién, aquí los escritos sobresalen a la fotografía, la realidad de las imágenes del centro de siquiatrico y en general del libro, la impresión no es buena, no están a la altura de lo que se espera de Avedon.