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janvier 27, 2014

TASCHEN celebrates “The Book of Miracles” at Arader Gallery

On the evening of January 24, TASCHEN Store New York, with special guest Walton Ford, celebrated The Book of Miracles with Graham Arader at his Arader Gallery on Madison Avenue. The beautifully ornate gallery was filled with an eclectic group of art collectors, journalists, and artists. The evening’s guests included the art collectors Hester Diamond and Mickey Cartin, the curator Steve Holmes, and the former Ambassador J. William Middendorf. TASCHEN would like to thank Graham Arader, Walton Ford, Dr. Petra Lamers-Schuetze and Till-Holger Borchert for their contribution in putting together a splendid evening enjoyed by all.

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"TASCHEN, the provocative art book publishing house that doesn't so much make books as perform them, has opened its own store in SoHo, featuring favorite TASCHEN titles, including The Big Book of Breasts and the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Designed by Philippe Starck, who created its sisters in Paris and Beverly Hills, it's a glowing, groovy tube of a place, with trippy, Peter Max-like wall murals painted by Beatriz Milhazes, a Brazilian artist, and floating bookshelves that sprout from concrete stalks and have video monitors along the top." — New York Times, New York, États-Unis
“Based in Cologne, Germany, TASCHEN has subsidiaries in London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It also has its own bookstores, which it began opening in 1998, in Cologne, Paris and Beverly Hills. This month, New York will finally land on TASCHEN’s map, when its bookstore opens on Greene Street in the city’s SoHo neighborhood. In a district that has morphed from a once-gritty artists’ enclave to a high-end tourist destination with luxury goods purveyors on every block, the store's wares should fit in nicely.” — Publishers Weekly, New York, États-Unis
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