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"Designed by Philippe Starck, the store is a luxe version of a wood-paneled library from old Europe, said the owner Benedikt Taschen. A long, narrow space, it is lined floor to ceiling in American walnut, with bronze-veneered fixtures and paintings by Albert Oehlen, collaging images from Taschen's art, design, and erotic books." — New York Times, New York, États-Unis
"The best new addition comes from GQ's favourite purveyor of classy coffee table erotica, the German publisher Benedikt Taschen. Located on North Beverly Drive, in chichi Beverly Hills, the brand new, flagship TASCHEN bookshop is designed by Philippe Starck and will contain surprising volumes covering everything from art, design and interiors to sex, film and photography." — GQ, London, Royaume-Uni
"The evocative German publisher TASCHEN, which specializes in travel, fashion, and pop culture books, comes to Beverly Hills. Its first store in the United States, designed by Philippe Starck, is covered in cast iron, dark woods, and purple mirrors." — Travel + Leisure, New York, États-Unis
"Smart and Sexy. Provocative and democratic. Such is the world of TASCHEN according to designer celebre, Philippe Starck, who has created the dramatic interiors for the publishing house's first American flagship store in LA. With doors opening shortly, the sleek geometric space is lined with high, dark glossy wood shelves, shapely cast iron medians, purple mirrors and quilted ramparts, and golden leather accents that set the mood. The entrance is flanked by two glass doors which lead the way to TASCHEN's long line of controversial and sexy (and occasionally scholarly) titles, like the highly affordable Icon series to Helmut Newton's SUMO, the biggest and most expensive book produced in the 20th century. Stand in line behind us for book signings, readings and special literati mix-and-mingles. Who says smart can't be sexy?" — Clear, Royal Oak, MI, États-Unis
"[Benedikt] Taschen, for his part, chose Starck to design the store because "I wanted the Sistine Chapel," he says by phone. The space is intended not as "a cold fashion boutique but a place where people like to stay" - and "hopefully buy some books." The store may not be exactly Vatican style, but it will have art across the ceiling-displayed in frames above mahogany, glass and bronze interior that's intended, its promotional material says, to give it an "Old Europe-style" look. When the store opens next month, it will also be the only bookstore in Beverly Hills. Starck envisions it as "the heart and life of intelligence." — LA Times, Los Angeles, États-Unis
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TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills

354 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Tel +1-310-274 4300

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dimanche : 12h – 17h
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