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Rosemarie, Allemagne, novembre 26, 2014
Ich warte seit einem Jahr auf die Ausgabe des Bandes "The Bronze Age of DC Comics". Es wäre schön, wenn nunmehr ein Auslieferungstermin, der auch Bestand hat, bekannt gegeben würde.
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1.  Marie Fanger, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, novembre 28, 2014
Liebe Rosemarie,
vielen Dank für Ihre Nachfrage. Ihre Geduld wird im Sommer nächsten Jahres belohnt werden, dann soll The Bronze Age of DC Comics erscheinen.
Mit besten Grüßen,
Marie Fanger
Stefan, Allemagne, novembre 25, 2014
The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2oo1: Odyssee im Weltraum.
Wann wird dieses Meisterwerk wieder aufgelegt und wird es für den normalsterblichen Menschen bezahlbar sein?

Die Architekturbücher sind unvergleichbar...

Beste GRüße
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1.  Marie Fanger, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, décembre 01, 2014
Lieber Stefan,
Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback!
Es wird sicher eine unlimitierte Ausgabe von 'The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2oo1: A Space Odyssey' geben. Wie diese aussehen und wann sie erscheinen wird ist noch nicht beschlossen, sobald es dazu Neuigkeiten gibt werden wir Sie hier auf unserer Webseite mit Ihnen teilen.
Mit besten Grüßen,
Marie Fanger
Leroy Mac Nish, Allemagne, novembre 24, 2014
wird im Januar 2015 wieder ein Sale in Köln stattfinden (wenn, dann wann)?
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1.  Marie Fanger, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, novembre 25, 2014
Lieber Leroy Mac Nish,
vom 22.-24. Januar 2015 findet wieder unser Winter Sale statt. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!
Mit besten Grüßen,
Marie Fanger
A Taylor, Royaume-Uni, novembre 20, 2014
Do you know when Amazon UK will be provided with stock of the new Marvel 75 Years title?
They are showing not in stock until late December
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1.  Catherine O'Connel, Royaume-Uni, novembre 21, 2014
Dear A. Taylor,
The 75 Years of Marvel Comics. From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen title has just been published and is now available to purchase in the UK and so should be available to purchase from shortly.
For your information, the 75 Years of Marvel: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen title is in stock and available to purchase on our TASCHEN website and orders will be dispatched and delivered within 7 working days.
I hope this information helps!
If you have any further queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
Stephen Welstead, Australie, novembre 19, 2014
I notice ALL of your stores are in the northern hemisphere.
Perhaps you can give some consideration for areas south of the equator sometime. There are a lot of readers down under......

Sydney, Australia
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Thushara, Sri Lanka, novembre 11, 2014
Hi, I found that you are not shipping books to Sri Lanka now... I have placed orders 3 times before and I love your books as well. May I know the reason why you have stopped shipping to Sri Lanka?
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1.  Marie Fanger, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, novembre 14, 2014
Dear Thushara,
thank you for your message and your interest in our Online Store.
We apologize for the inconvenience but at the moment we do not offer shipping to Sri Lanka.
As we continue optimizing our worldwide logistics, we hope to be delivering to your country again very soon.
Best wishes,
Marie Fanger
Toni Perez, Espagne, novembre 07, 2014
He comprado muchos libros de TASCHEN, sobre todos los de decoración LINVING IN, o los de gran formato, LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS, pero desde hace tiempo ya no compro ya que lo que ahora hay no me interesan, por lo menos del tema que me gusta, la decoración y las ciudades, es una pena¡¡¡¡¡
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1.  María Eugenia Mariam, PR Spain, Espagne, novembre 11, 2014
Apreciado Toni,
mantente al tanto de nuestras novedades, vendrán más libros de viajes y ciudades, y algunas novedades, es cuestión de tiempo, nuestros libros son muy cuidados y nos lleva tiempo hacerlos.
Muchas gracias por tus comentarios y por seguirnos!!!
Covadonga Jaquete, Espagne, octobre 29, 2014
Perdona pero no sé a dónde dirigirme y por eso escribo aquí.
Quiero saber cómo publicar un libro (guía práctica) con la editorial Taschen.
Es un tema relacionado conemprendimiento en diseño y desarrollo de producto de moda.
Lo he escrito a partir de mi propia experiencia como directora creativa de una firma española de renombre de decoración.
Está ilustrada y consta de unas 7o páginas.
Estoy en España.
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1.  Maria Eugenia Mariam, PR, Espagne, novembre 11, 2014
Hola Covadonga,
envíame un briefing en iglés a mi email, aparece en la web
saludos cordiales
former collector, États-Unis, octobre 28, 2014
Ah, Taschen, nothing like marking a book SOLD OUT in red caps and then bumping the price of those "sold out" books by 33%.
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1.  Amy Quinn, États-Unis, novembre 11, 2014
The price augmentation is indeed due to a decline in stocks, a process that is common to all our limited edition books (and any art or collectible business), and benefits all those who have made their decision early: once we're sold out, our books often climb to even much higher prices.
You can please send your shipping address to and we will happily send you our collectors catalogue.
2.  Peter Van Emden, Royaume-Uni, novembre 13, 2014
Typical TASCHEN response to a very reaonable point. You HAVEN'T "sold out" , you're merely increasing the prices- which is your prerogative, but they aren't "sold out", and this is probably illegal to state they are.
3.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, novembre 14, 2014
Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your comment, as my colleague Amy stated above, we do actually explain the limited editions' pricing development in
"The Complete Collector’s Editions" Catalogue (PDF for free download right on top of this site). We're a global operation with many Stores worldwide, so of course there can be an occasional copy left in one place, while we're generally sold out. As explained in above mentioned catalogue, it is always worth a try asking us under if we have copies left, as we sometimes do purchase back Collector's Editions in mint condition.

Best wishes,
João Carlos A. Nascimento, Brésil, octobre 27, 2014
¿Cómo hago para tener el catálogo de coleccionista? Aquél azul muy rico en detalles acerca de las ediciones de colección. A mí me gustaría tener un ejemplar.
Saludos atentamente desde Brasil.
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1.  María Eugenia Mariam, PR, Espagne, novembre 11, 2014
Hola Joao, envíanos tu dirección por este libro de visitas y veremos lo que podemos hacer,
saludos cordiales
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