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Judy Bennett, États-Unis, février 18, 2014
please send me your beautiful catalog. Judy Bennett 564 Lilac #B Boulder Creek, CA 95006 Thank you very much.
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, février 18, 2014
Dear Judy,
thank you for your positive feedback. We have made sure that you will receive the next issue of our magazine in the mail.
Best wishes,
Simon, Hongrie, février 16, 2014
I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time at your site.
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Claudia, États-Unis, février 16, 2014
I recently began a quest to learn all I can about the "The North American Indian" volumes created by Edward S Curtis. The recent book by Timothy Egan "Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher" was the start of my journey.
Yesterday, while rummaging thru the photography section of a used bookstore in Illinois - I came upon the Taschen volume forwarded by Hans Christian Adam. How lovely and honorable is Mr Adam's last sentence. I had been thinking how am I ever going to see these 20 volumes. At first I thought is this it? But alas, your book is not the end of my journey - but another step forward toward my goal to see the entire work. The photograph of the 20 volumes on page 31 brought a tear to my eye.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource with us 'the regular people". Many of us like Curtis himself, my not be credentialed by loft expensive institutions but we research and thirst for knowledge just the same.
Someday I hope to be wearing protective gloves and carefully turning the pages of Volumes 1 thru 20 of the original volumes. Thanks for getting me on my way.
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1.  Clauda, États-Unis, février 16, 2014
Any recommendations for must reads regarding the work of Edward Curtis or how I might be able to see the original volumes or even reprints would be greatly appreciated. Claudia
2.  Ute, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 18, 2014
Dear Claudia,
Many thanks for your enthusiastic mail. In addition to our publication of the complete plates of "The North American Indian" (back in print this summer!), I would recommend you the monograph "Edward S. Curtis" by Hans-Christian Adam. If you have in mind Timothy Egan's affectionate portrait of the photographer, Adam's selection of high quality images visualizes that Curtis's work is a landmark in the history of photography and book publishing.
In case you have the opportunity to visit the Rare Book Department of one of the American libraries holding an original copy (e.g. The Pierpont Morgan Library in NYC), this would be a remarkable experience. Until then I hope you will enjoy our books!
Best wishes, Ute
Miguel, Portugal, février 12, 2014
What happened to the Van Eyck book? It was announced a few months ago but now I cant find it
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 13, 2014
Dear Miguel,
many thanks for your query. We have postponed van Eyck book to the beginning of next year, as we have decided to publish a book on Velazquez first, which is due this summer.
Best wishes,
2.  Mahros, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 13, 2014
Dear Miguel,
In the meantime we can recommend you our Basic Art Series edition on Van Eyck and our recently published xl-volume on Hieronymus Bosch. You will enjoy it! Best wishes, Mahros
3.  Miguel, Portugal, février 13, 2014
Thanks for your quick answers. I already got the Bosch. Velasquez is a long and complete works format, right?
4.  Mahros, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 13, 2014
Excellent that you already have the splendid Bosch! Our publication on Velázquez will be as well in extra large format and show his complete works.
Best, Mahros
matthew, États-Unis, février 12, 2014
Hi, I seen in your search app the very cheeky big book of butts but i can not add it to my cart. Is it no longer for sale?
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, février 12, 2014
Dear Matthew,
unfortunately this title is out of print at the moment. We haven't planned a reprint yet but you can check this regularly on our website in the section "back in print".
Best wishes,
2.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, février 12, 2014
Dear Matthew,
I'm pleased to tell you there will be a 3D reprint of the Big Book of Butt this year. Check back in July to order directly from
Best wishes,
TASCHEN´s #1 Fan, Allemagne, février 10, 2014
Hello TASCHEN-Team...
What do you think about a James Nachtwey book in SUMO format??? I think his pictures in such a format must be very impressive!
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 12, 2014
Dear Phil,
many thanks for your enthusiasm – for now we're very proud to be presenting number #2 and #3 in the SUMO series, Sebastião and Annie, but who knows what the future will bring?
Best wishes,
Rainer, Allemagne, février 08, 2014

habe gehört es gibt eine besonders limitierte Ausgabe der National Geografic Jubiläumsausgabe - über welchen Weg ist diese erhältlich?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 08, 2014
Hallo Rainer,
das ist richtig, eine zusätzlich limitierte Ausgabe mit Prints und nochmals veredelter Ausstattung ist in Planung – allerdings sind wir noch für sicher einige Monate mit der Konzeption befasst.
Sie können uns aber gerne Ihren Kontakt unter zuschicken, dann halten wir Sie auf dem Laufenden!
Beste Grüße,
2.  Rainer, Allemagne, février 13, 2014
Hallo, herzlichen Dank, bei collectors bin ich schon.
3.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Allemagne, février 19, 2014
Hallo Rainer,
gerne informieren wir Sie, sobald es Neuigkeiten zur National Geographic Art Edition gibt. Bitte senden Sie uns eine kurze E-Mail mit Ihrem Namen und Wohnort an
Herzlichen Dank und beste Grüße,
Adam Sanders, États-Unis, février 07, 2014
I love Annie Leibovitz. I understand you are releasing a limited number of copies of her upcoming book. Why isn't it advertised anywhere? Will it ever be available just as a hardcover like Helmet Newton's Sumo book?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, février 08, 2014
Dear Adam,
many thanks for your query about our Annie Leibovitz book. You may have read the big Vanity Fair feature this week in which she is rightfully stating that we are releasing another SUMO – until the end of the month you'll find all the details on this site!
Alternatively, please send us your queries or preorders to
Best wishes,
Marco Coluzzi, Italie, février 03, 2014
for my bookshop, i have bought, last year, the GENESIS collector's edition in italy.
I would like now to known where can i buy the protection around the book that i see in all of the photos or, alternatively, the name of the manufacturer of that protection.
best regards
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1.  Frank Goerhardt, Production, Cologne, Allemagne, février 04, 2014
Dear Marco, the podest with the plexiglass top we used for different book fairs and presentations we produced in Germany. We can give you the address or the technical drawings so that you could produce it locally. Please send your request to: to my attention. Best, Frank
John, États-Unis, janvier 29, 2014
Good day,

Are there still plans to publish Arts & Architecture 1945–1954?
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1.  Jascha, TASCHEN Editor, Allemagne, janvier 30, 2014
Dear John,
we are currently working on a selection of the very best of the magazine's first five years, 1945–49, to be published in early June. Further volumes dealing with the mag's later years will follow.
All best, Jascha
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