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Fábio Adriano, Brésil, mars 10, 2014
Tenho Vários livros da Taschen, sou um apaixonado por arte, principalmente a arte do renascimento. gostaria que a Taschen lançasse um livro mais abrangente sobre o renascimento.
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1.  Mahros, TASCHEN editor, Cologne, Allemagne, mars 11, 2014
Caro Fábio,
Muito obrigada pela sua excelente proposta!
Cordiais saudações, Mahros
vincent, France, mars 06, 2014
J'ai reçu en parfait état l'edition collector de pinxit de mark ryden, que dire à part sublime tant pour le contenu que pour la qualité du livre, merci pour l'envoi rapide et l'emballage soigné. Vincent.
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DOUG, Royaume-Uni, mars 05, 2014
Is there a release date and price for the new 2001 Stanley Kubrick book?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, mars 06, 2014
Dear Doug,
many thanks for checking in on 2001. We're printing soon (we hope there will be quite a few nice surprises in stock for all Kubrick/Sci-Fi-fans and collectors) and aim for a late April release – information on print run, pricing, and availabilities here on our website very shortly! Best wishes,
2.  Mark Foster, Royaume-Uni, mars 06, 2014
I am so excited over this book speaking as a life-long 2001 fan!
3.  Andrew Taylor, Royaume-Uni, mars 10, 2014
Excited for this release!
4.  Mark Foster, Royaume-Uni, mars 19, 2014
Will this 2001 book be published as a Collector's Edition also?
5.  Kathrin Murr, TASCHEN editor, Cologne, Allemagne, mars 20, 2014
Dear Mark,
Thanks for your request.
There will be indeed two special editions of the book that come with an art print. If you want to be one of the first who are informed once these editions can be ordered, please write to my colleagues at
Elena, Italie, mars 04, 2014
It would be nice to edit a catalog of Nestor Martìn Fernandez de La Torre, a painter of Gran Canaria, Spain (1887/1938)THANK'S!
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1.  Petra Lamers-Schütze, Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, mars 05, 2014
Dear Elena,
Thank you very much for your proposal. We'll have a close look at hist work. Best wishes, Petra
Herman, États-Unis, mars 03, 2014
What does Klotz mean. Is this a different kind of publishing than the regular editions?
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1.  Jascha, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Allemagne, mars 05, 2014
Dear Herman,
Klotz ("brick") is our loving nickname for a series of small and bricklike books. These titles share a similar format (most of them are 5.5 x 7.7 in. / 14 x 19.5 cm in size, with around 500-800 pages), the topics range from "1000 Tattoos" to the works of Salvador Dalí and Claude Monet.
All best,
Gustavo Fontán, Argentine, mars 03, 2014
Soy fanático de sus libros y prácticamente todos los libros de arte que tengo son de Taschen. Me permitieron profundizar en artistas que ya conocía y descubrir muchos otros. Estoy interesado especialmente en los libros de ilustraciones como los Ilustration Now y me parecieron maravillosos las ediciones de cuentos clásicos ilustrados que realizaron como Cuentos de los Hermanos Grimm por los cuales pude descubrir a Kay Nielsen del cual me gustaría ver en el futuro alguna edición con sus ilustraciones completas ya que lo considero uno de los mejores ilustradores de la historia.
Los felicito y espero que sigan por siempre editando libros de calidad como los que han hecho hasta ahora.
Muchas Gracias
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1.  Alba Pérez, Espagne, mars 11, 2014
¡Muchas gracias, Gustavo! Esperamos que sigas disfrutando de nuestras ediciones. ¡Saludos!
cédric, France, février 28, 2014
un énorme merci pour la création du LIVRE sur ANNIE LEIBOVITZ, c'est juste fabuleux !!!
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Joseph Serra, États-Unis, février 28, 2014
Dear Mr. Taschen and Co.,
This is kinda long.
I used to comment a whole bunch of times, usually whenever I got a new Taschen book. I stopped, fearing as to wear out my welcome (plus, after moving and looking for work, I haven't bought any lately). But then I thought, screw it. I have many thanks.
First, for the 2 Fairy tales books you put out. I got them for my little cousins (the oldest is 11). Every one was blown away, their parents remarking how beautiful they were. I can't wait to get them for myself.
I love the Book of Symbols. It turned me on to the ARAS operation, which I hadn't heard of. I like the notes of books credited as sources.
I really like The Ingmar Bergman Archives. I've never met him, personally, but I get the impression he was a very keen scrutinizer of people, and your book applies the same level of scrutiny back to him. I thought it being an oral history was a nice touch.
I gave a copy of The Godfather Family album (the $70.00 one) to my old neighbors. The father asked if it was a collector's edition. My response?: Every Taschen book is a collector's edition!
And finally, thanks to Dian Hanson's line of sexy books. I had never owned anything like them before. Very classy and tastefully done.
I'm both an Art and book enthusiast. What you've done for the book form is spectacular, and I wish you wish you all the best.
Just so you know, my first Taschen book was The Curse of Lono, by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. I wasn't familiar with your operation, and when I went to buy it, I couldn't believe how big it was!
Your's in reading,
Joseph Serra
CEO & founder, Literary Affairs Desk
"it's a good LAD"
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1.  Paul Duncan, Editor, Royaume-Uni, mars 03, 2014
Dear Joseph Serra, Many thanks for your fantastic comments. We make books to make you happy. And that makes us happy too. best - paul
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