Menu Design in America, 1850–1985 - Critiques (9)

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“If food is the next sex, meet the replacement for your dusty (and borderline skeezy) coffee table book of sepia-toned erotica. From Art Deco appetizers to psychedelic desserts, this full portion collection of art director-approved bills of fare proves that sometimes the best thing on the menu is the menu itself.”— Mental Floss, Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
“In the new book Menu Design in America, editor Jim Heimann and contributing authors Steven Heller and John Mariani compile a history of menus and the way in which they have evolved throughout American history. Complete with stunning photography, this 400-page quintessential coffee table book showcases our nation’s history, cultural trends, and social revolutions by way of menu graphics and design. It will certainly make you notice the menu the next time you dine out!”— The Blue Lifestyle Minute, Malibu, États-Unis
“Menu Design of America é um novo título de TASCHEN onde pode admirar das ementas, um artigo tao comum e ao mesmo tempo tao original.”— Lux Woman, Lisbon, Portugal
“En Menu Design of America de TASCHEN encontramos referencias al Cabaret. Decidido, nuestra fiesta será como un Private Club a lo Gran Gatsby.”— Cosmopolitan, Madrid, Espagne
“El libro Menu Design in America, te ofrece un fascinante recorrido visual por las historias de os menús de Estados Unidos, sin tener que esperar al camarero.”— Harper’s Bazaar, Madrid, Espagne
„Es ist eine farbenfrohe Reise in vergangene Zeiten.“— Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Köln, Allemagne
Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Menu Design in America, 1850–1985

Menu Design in America, 1850–1985

Jim Heimann, Steven Heller, John Mariani
Relié, 9.8 x 12.5 in., 392 pages
$ 59.99
Edition multilingue: Allemand, Anglais, Français
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