75 Years of DC Comics - Critiques (8)

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"Before you step into the future of DC Comics tomorrow with its rebooted universe of titles, take a moment to remember its three-quarters of a century history of storytelling with TASCHEN Books’ gloriously illustrated 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking. I own a lot of books on the history of comic books, but this one is by far the most complete and comprehensive history of DC Comics I have ever come across, written by a man who not only lived through much of that history but was a key player in it: über comic fan boy and former President of DC Comics, Paul Levitz… To call this book a tome is an understatement; this is certainly not a bedside table book, unless you were to actually make the bedside table out of it. And before you ask: Yes, it’s worth every penny. For anyone interested in a exhaustive history of one of the comic industry’s most important players or for anyone who really loves gorgeous books full of amazing imagery (and I’m sure Levitz’s writing is pretty good too) this book is a must have. I spent a week just leafing through the pages one section at a time, sipping through it like a fine wine, with a sumptuous bouquet of paper pulp and ink… Levitz is a master storyteller in his own right — he helmed the Legion of Super Heroes during what is unquestionably its most innovative period — and he does not disappoint here. He provides an ongoing historical narrative that is never dry, yet maintains an amazing attention to detail, providing the context for the thousands of images being presented… And yet 75 Years is not just a history of comics, the book is itself an illustration of the power of the printed medium. No screen can do what this mighty book does, giving us page after page of poster sized images, reminding us at every turn why we love to read books, comic or otherwise…There are some books you buy to read, some you buy to collect, and some you buy to explore. TASCHEN’s magnum opus homage to DC Comics is all three."— Wired.com, San Francisco, États-Unis
"Celebran la mitología contemporánea. (...) En 2010, DC Comics, una de las editoriales más poderosas e influyentes de cómics de superhéroes cumplió 75 años y lo celebró a lo grande con este tomo fabuloso editado por otra editorial legendaria: TASCHEN."— El Ángel del Reforma, México D.F, Mexique
"Just look at the size of this beast. At this size, running in at over 700 Pages, with full colour scans of images from the birth of DC to modern day as well as some very helpful text along the way you can be guaranteed of both Quantity and Quality…. It’s nothing short of a mammoth effort that deserves every award it gets (And it already has an Eisner award to its name!). You’d be hard pressed to find anything of this weight again – maybe they will update this in 25 years time for the big 100!"— Filmwerk, London, Royaume-Uni
"Get on your tights/panty hose and wear your buggies smugglers on the outside because you're going to need to get some super powers to lift this epic DC Comic Bible! Wowwww, we are really going to find it difficult to do this title justice - what a great bunch of history in this one and a real bruiser of a volume. This book is a truly gargantuan publication full of Biff, Pow, Smash and Slam!!"— The Rad Dad Collective, Derby, Royaume-Uni
"El eslogan de la publicación reza 75 años de ¡Pam! ¡Bum! ¡Smash! y aborda el imperio de superhéroes y villanos creado por DC Comics. Ahora, la editorial TASCHEN recoge en una edición XL una recopilación con las mejores portadas y contenidos del sello Detective Comics para celebrar su 75 aniversario y sus más de 40.000 cómics publicados."— Modaes, Madrid, Espagne
"75 Jahre DC Comics ist das kleine ‚Museum der Comic-Kunst’ und erzählt die Geschichte hinter den Comics - nicht nur für Comic-Fans!"— spielemagazin.de, Magstadt, Allemagne
"What can happen when you put together a good book company with good content? Probably good things, right? Well, if you put together TASCHEN and DC Comics you get a book like "75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking"; a book that received the 2011 Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Comics-Related Book of the Year."— Seriesandtv.com
"Sinnenfroher war ein Sachbuch nie: Der Bildband 75 Years of DC Comics liefert Fans das ultimative Erlebnis. … .Levitz liefert auf ausklappbaren Zeittafeln eine opulente Übersicht der Comic-Geschichte – und verkauft dies so bildgewaltig, dass man nach mehr schreien möchte."— Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Essen, Allemagne
"75 Jahre DC-Comics haben eine Menge Lesestoff hinterlassen. … All das gibt es nun in einem Buch … Faszinierende Bilder und eine gigantische Stofffülle, die sogar Superman ins Schwitzen bringen würde."— Max.de, München, Allemagne
"Ein rekordverdächtiges Buch. … Über 2.000 Abbildungen, die mittels modernster Digitaltechnik produziert wurden, machen den Kosmos der Superhelfen lebendig. … Alles in allem ist dieses umfangreiche Werk eine wahre Fundgrube für Aficionados und all jene, die gerne eine Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit machen wollen."— Academia, Wien, Autriche
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75 Years of DC Comics (XL-Format)

75 Years of DC Comics

Paul Levitz
Relié, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 720 pages
$ 200

Online not available
  • Mon livre TASCHEN préféré, c'est...
Stan Lee

"Les livres TASCHEN sont presque tous de merveilleux uvrages agréables à lire. Mon préféré à ce jour est l’énorme tome de 75 Years of DC Comics superbement illustré et signé Paul Levitz. Un hommage émouvant rendu tant au sujet traité qu’à son éditeur épris de qualité."
Illustration de Robert Nippoldt
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