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"Bone up on your photog knowledge with this beautiful coffee table book from one of our favorite publishers, TASCHEN. Photographers A-Z is filled with 400+ entries on the most influential shutterbugs of the last 100 years including monograph’s from Ansel Adams, Bill Brandy, Irving Penn and Andy Warhol to name a few. You should know though that this collection is not limited to just pleasant shots of beautiful women, places, and things — there’s plenty of rough-and-ready photo-journalism and war correspondence too. In short, it’s the best encyclopedia we’ve come across for chronicling the incredible work of one of the most gear-obsessed cliques we know of, aka photographers."—
"Photographers A-Z functions as a complete compendium of important photographers of the 20th-century. Included are masters with works hanging in museum collections, as well as the finest in “applied” – fashion, etc. – areas. As you might imagine, the names come in alphabetical order, a brief biographical sketch complementing a series of photographs from each artist."—
"Not an original publishing concept for sure, but coming from the house of TASCHEN it is definitely one of the finest versions of the photo compendium that we’ve seen."— 125 Magazine, London, Royaume-Uni
"Hans-Michael Koetzle sceglie per TASCHEN i maestri della fotografia del Novecento. Il suo Fotografi A-Z (444 pagg., € 49,99) si sofferma in particolare sugli autori che hanno contribuito a una nuova definizione dell'immagine fotografica, da Capa a Doisneau, da Salgado a Cindy Sherman."— Arte, Milano, Italie
"TASCHEN acaba de editar Fotógrafos de la A a la Z, de Hans-Michael Koetzle. Un interesante libro que recopila enciclopédicamente una selección de los mejores fotógrafos del siglo XX y una muestra de sus fotografías más representativas. En la web de TASCHEN se pueden ver más detalles e incluso hojear su interior."— Del pixel al ladrillo, blog de fotografía, Madrid, Espagne
"Si disfrutas la fotografía, este nuevo libro de TASCHEN es un must. Son 444 páginas con los fotógrafos más importantes de los últimos 100 años, ordenados alfabéticamente. ¿A quiénes encuentras en esta recopilación? Ansel Adams, Manuel Álvarez-Bravo, Nobuyoshi Araki, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Pierre et Gilles, Sebastião Salgado, Andres Serrano, Mario Testino, Ellen von Unwerth y muchos, muchos más."— Spot, México D.F, Mexique
"Hans-Michael Koetzle’s Photographers A–Z (TASCHEN) is the latest release to offer an overview of the medium, organized like an encyclopedia, and perfect for nerding out. The presentation is flawless; informative without being overwhelming, each photographer given a page for their respective book, and for a select few that means two titles over a double page spread. Each book is shown in spreads, as much in celebration of the photograph as it is to the book design itself. The images are thumbnails, offering a delicious little taste; each page is a different flavor, so much so that this book can be savored over and over again without ever wearing thin…Photographers A–Z is as much a source of gossip (“Who’s in? Who’s out?”) as it is a source of news (“Who’s thaï?”) as it is a source of conversation (“Really? I don’t think so.”), so much so that it’s the kind of thing you might like to share with a friend and discuss the selections in real time…Photographers A–Z is the ultimate reference book, a place to return for solace, inspiration, and comfort. Print is Dead? I think not."—
"Die Enzyklopädie Fotografen A-Z bespricht auf 444 Seiten alle wichtigen Kamerakünstler der letzten 100 Jahre – von Richard Avedon bis Andy Warhol."—, München, Allemagne
"Unser Bildband des Monats. … Koetzle hat mit dieser schön gestalteten Monographie das ultimative Nachschlagewerk zur Fotografie der letzten 100 Jahre abgeliefert."— fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Allemagne
"Ein Must Have für jeden angehenden Fotografen und alle Fotografiebegeisterten: die Enzyklopädie der wichtigsten Fotografen des 20. Jahrhunderts, von Ansel Adams bis Garry Winogrand."— SonntagsZeitung, Zürich, Suisse
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Photographes A-Z (Jumbo)

Photographes A-Z

Hans-Michael Koetzle
Relié, 9.8 x 12.5 in., 444 pages
$ 69.99

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