LeRoy Grannis. Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s - Critiques

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"‘Here`s the monster,` LeRoy Grannis says, picking up one corner of the gorgeous and extravagant new collection of his classic surf photos, just released by TASCHEN, and titled LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s. A limited edition of 1,000, it comes in a special protective box, so heavy that Grannis, now 88 years old, can barely lift it. And that`s fitting, because contained within its oversized pages is not only the work of Grannis` own lifetime, but also the embodiment of a profoundly influential American subculture."— C Magazine, Los Angeles, États-Unis
"A spectacular colossus of a book, almost a metre wide when opened to its full landscape form, it offers a windows into surfing's boomer golden age through the perceptive lens of Grannis, who might, if he chose, lay claim to 'greatest ever' status in the world of surfing photography."— The Bulletin, Sydney, Australie
"LeRoy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s (TASCHEN £800) is a limited edition, extravagantly bound and boxed volume that has already sold out in the US and Europe. There are fewer than 50 available in Australia."— Men's Style, Sydney, Australie
"Le sport des rois a ses surfers de légende, mais aussi ses photographes mythiques. Parmi eux, un surdoué, Leroy Grannis qui sévissait sur les plages et les vagues dans les années 60-70. Pionnier de la photographie de surf aquatique, il a également saisi magnifiquement l`esprit de cette époque où le surf évoluait entre hédonisme, psychédélisme et découverte de nouvelles vagues. Ses meilleurs clichés sont aujourd`hui publiés dans Surf Photography of the 60`s and the 70`s."— Flavor, Biarritz, France
"Formato XXL, ediçao limitada e copias assinadas pelo autor, o fotógrafo Leroy Grannis. Um livro paa cultores de surf mas tamben para apaixonados pela cultura de praia e pela imagen dos sexy anos 60 e 70".— Vogue, Lisabon, Portugal
"In 1947, 30 years after his first ride on a 6-foot piece of pine, LeRoy Grannis snapped his first photograph of a surfer. As he continued to document the sport, he had many innovations—for instance, attaching a waterproof box to his board for action shots. In LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s, a 278-page collection from the photographer`s most prolific period of work, TASCHEN captures the desolate beaches, head-high breaks, and dramatic wipeouts of the Hawaiian and Southern California surf scenes that fed American pop culture`s imagination—and continues to do so."— Men's Journal, New York, États-Unis
"Before there was Laird Hamilton, there was LeRoy Grannis. In fact, Grannis began documenting the surfing scene in California and Hawaii back when legendary names like Mickey Dora and Greg Noll were riding the waves on longboards. Schooled by California`s first surf photographer, ‘Doc` Ball, Grannis went on to publish his work in Sports Illustrated and Surfer magazine (among others) and was featured in Stacy Peralta`s 2004 documentary, Riding Giants. Now you can see his pictures in a limited-edition book, LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s."— American Photo, New York, États-Unis
"LeRoy Grannis hatte den Blick für die perfekte Welle, lieferte die Bilder für den Surfstyle der Sixties und Seventies ... Jetzt feiert ein opulenter Bildband den legendären Surffotografen ... Was seine Fotos ausmacht, ist die Ruhe in der ganzen Aufregeung, das Erhabene im Halsbrecherischen."— Surfers, Hamburg, Allemagne
"As shot by LeRoy Grannis in his self-titled collection of 1960s and ‘70s surf photography, the hang-tenners of Hawaii and California were casual one minute and iconically larger than life the next."— Entertainment Weekly, New York, États-Unis
"Cuando en 1959, Le Roy, el padre de familia, comenzó a tomar las soleadas imágenes que se recopilan en este libro era un veterano surfista apodado Granny que emprendía, en el momento justo y en el sitio adecuado, una senda que habían abierto otros. Cuenta Steven Barlotti en el prólogo del libro que la fotografía era para Grannis un hobby, y la California de los sesenta, el lugar en el que un puñado de jóvenes con enormes tablas iba a revolucionar un deporte de tradición hawaiana. Leroy Grannis. Surf photography está editado por TASCHEN en una tirada limitada a 1.000 copias para todo el mundo."— El País, Madrid, Espagne
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