Great Escapes Italy - Critiques

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"The peaks of Trentino, the waterways of Venice, the sun-kissed Amalfi coast - Italy boasts some genuinely breathtaking landscapes. Experience exclusive and stylish hotels in these epic settings without ever leaving your living room; the 35 unforgettable properties featured in this book make an attractive addition to your coffee table as much as an inspiration for holiday planning."— Food and Travel Magazine, London, Royaume-Uni
"...leafing through this book on a grey afternoon, in the suburbs, midweek is enough to make you cry with longing for that fantasy terrace and the handsome wine waiter."— Sunday Telegraph Travel Magazine, London, Royaume-Uni
"Evadez-vous le temps de vous imaginer bercé par les tendres effluves des orangers. Le plaisir des yeux pour une imagination sans limite."— Talk Magazine, Bruxelles, Belgique
"Zu Italien, dem klassischsten aller Sehnsuchtsländer der Deutschen, ist TASCHEN ein wundervolles Buch gelungen."— Rotary Magazin, Hamburg, Allemagne
"Eine Reiseführer-Reihe zum Träumen und Genießen. ... In opulenten Bänden werden außergewöhnliche Zufluchtsorte dieser Welt vorgestellt. ... Die gemeinsame Klammer aller dieser Kultur- und Reisebände ist die Liebe zur Schönheit, egal ob in der Heimat oder in der Ferne. Diese Bücher machen Lust auf mehr."— Rotary Magazin, Hamburg, Allemagne
"Sie sind die genialen Ziele für feinsinnige Cabrio-Fahrer: die elegantesten, berühmtesten und luxuriösesten Hotels und Herbergen Italiens. ... Verführerische Adressen."— Cabrio Life, Berlin, Allemagne
"You've won Lotto and fancy a trip to Italy to celebrate. This is the book to leaf through on a grey Canterbury afternoon while fantasizing about where to go and where to stay. This heavy tome, full of glossy photos and possibilities, is not a book for backpackers, freedom campers or anyone else who has to ponder the tariff before deciding whether a hotel is suitable. This is an upper-echelon hotel guide that celebrates Italy's rustic and historic traditions and glamorous lifestyle. The sunny photographs add to the spectacle and even the text being repeated in German and French ads to the atmosphere. It's a joy to dive into the 35 locations highlighted, from mountain resorts in the northern Alps, down to a former monastery at the tip of Italy's heel and islands. But the ultimate joy would be to plan a holiday based on the book, right after the Lotto win, of course."— The Press, Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande
"Bellissima! Wie bei der abendlichen passeggiata flaniert man durch die 300 Seiten des Bildbands Great Escapes Italy. 35 Hotels, von Luxusherberge bis Geheimtipp, zeigt Angelika Taschen. Reichen Sie schon mal den Urlaub ein!"— InStyle, München, Allemagne
"Prendiamolo dal punto di vista opposto: piuttosto che fughe o evasioni come suggerisce il titolo della collana, sono vere e proprie immersioni in ambienti di forse personalità e fascino, tra hotel, ville e b&b. 35 gioielli dell'ospitalità italiana che meritano di essere visitati almeno una volta, anche se in realtà non state scappando da niente o nessuno. Il bel libro illustato è utile oltre che dilettevole, dunque. Apprezziamo anche il consiglio sulla lettura da portarsi dietro in ognuno degli hotel per immergersi nell'atmosfera del luogo."— Marie Claire Maison, Milano, Italie
"Voici un ouvrage qui vous ouvre les portes de petits coins de paradis où il fait bon séjourner lors d'une escapade en amoureux. A lire ou à feuilleter pour une immersion littéraire au sein des pins parasols, oliviers, vignes, citronniers avec, parfois, ou même souvent, la mer en toile de fond. Comme quoi, il n'existe pas un paradis, mais plusieurs."— Victoire (Le Soir), Bruxelles, Belgique
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Great Escapes Italy (Jumbo)

Great Escapes Italy

Angelika Taschen, Christiane Reiter
Relié, 9.4 x 11.9 in., 300 pages
$ 39.99
Edition multilingue: Allemand, Anglais, Français
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