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«Quiconque est impliqué, à titre personnel ou professionnel, dans l’apprentissage de la dynamique du web sera forcément convaincu de l’utilité d’un tel livre d’études de cas.»— Juice Magazine, Australie
"At first glance, a book on apps is something of an anachronism. Isn’t there an app for that? Or shouldn’t this information, at the very least, be online? But there’s something about a book: the ease of dipping in and out, the pleasure of physically bookmarking a page, the impossible-to-ignore presence on your actual desktop that makes it a powerful format for bringing information like this together."—, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande
"Well illustrated and easy to read, the hardcover book covers five different mobile categories – gaming, m-commerce, promotional, social and utilities. Download and usage statistics are presented upfront so you can see what results were achieved easily and quickly. And some notables, like Steve Jobs and Stephen Fry, chime in with their own thoughts on the apps throughout. It is a great source of ideas and inspiration for those operating in the mobile space."— Marketing Magazine, Melbourne, Australie
"From Angry Birds to Instagram, this compendium by TASCHEN includes over 80 case studies of successful mobile apps and websites with an in-depth introduction to the various mobile fields such as Gaming and Social Networking."— Offscreen, Melbourne, Australie
Apps et contenus mobiles

Apps et contenus mobiles

Rob Ford, Julius Wiedemann
Relié avec ruban élastique, 6.6 x 8.9 in., 384 pages
$ 39.99
Edition: Anglais
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