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"The D&AD Annual 2010, designed by artists Bob and Roberta Smith, has just been published by TASCHEN. Among the winners featured is a campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper. The sign was printed on much-devalued Zimbabwe dollars."— Digital Arts Magazine, London, Royaume-Uni
"Si alguno de vosotros tenéis una persona moderna en la lista a la que regalar algo y no sabéis el qué aquí va un libro: el D&AD que recoge lo mejor del año en diseño y publicidad. Un libro de esos que merece la pena tener sobre la estantería y cuyo precio no es tan alto como todo parece apuntar al verlo. Sólo 37,79 dólares vía Amazon, que vienen a ser unos 28,54 euros. Un buen precio para un regalo así. El libro, de portada dura y de espectacular diseño, como no podía ser de otra forma al tratarse de un producto de este sector, lo publica la editorial TASCHEN, un referente de calidad para todo aquel que la conozca. Con el eslogan Every thing is made el libro nos presenta un extenso compendio de lo mejor en publicidad y diseño de todo el mundo. No tiene desperdicio."— Compradicción.blog, Madrid, Espagne
"In 2009 TASCHEN published for the first time a book where the year's best advertising and graphic design was assembled by a select panel in the same industry, which awarded the prestigious Yellow Pencil award. Now the 2010 edition is on the street where you can be inspired by the best from the most creative advertising agencies. This is a book for anyone who loves beautiful pictures, fun ideas and creative input."— Bo Bedre, Copenhagen, Danemark
"Despite the rush to buy e-readers, there is still something magical about the printed word... Fortunately for traditionalists, publishers continue to produce handsome volumes with the necessary heft to dominate a coffee table... If your interests tend more toward pure design than designer labels, the essential book, as usual, promises to be the annual production of D&AD, which gathers together the best advertising, art direction and graphic design of the year under the title 'Everything Is Made' (TASCHEN, £35), emblazoned across the cover in the characteristic watercolor of the artist who works under the name Bob & Roberta Smith."— The Wall Street Journal Europe, London, Royaume-Uni
“Publishing house TASCHEN put out a title last year that proved to be so successful, they've repeated it again this year (only with a fresh new stock of awesomeness). What is this magical book? D&AD 2010, The Best Advertising and Design in the World. Featuring the projects and campaigns of some of the most talented and creative brilliant minds living in the world today, you'll find some of the most amazing inspiration thumbing through this book's pages.”— 2Modern.com, États-Unis
"The D&AD Annual has become like a religious experience for many. I have been waiting some time to get my hands on a preview copy, and the wait was well worth it! ... This outsiders eye is translated into a highly polished, aesthetically clean book cover to cover. It's easy to read - vibrant, graphic and organic. No surprise there... It's a fantastic book not to be missed!"— TallDarkRoast.com, États-Unis
"Le D&AD Annual est une véritable Bible pour les graphistes, et en accord avec TASCHEN l’organisation souhaite le rendre accessible à une plus large audience."— Computer arts, Paris, France
"Así se titula este libro perfecto para colocar en la mesa del salón. La edición de 2010 es una selección de las 20.000 obras procedentes d estudios de diseño, consultorías de marcas, agencias fotográficas, de producción cinematográficas, de creativos de nuevos medios digitales, y por supuesto agencias de publicidad que se presentaron al certamen."— Revista Man, Madrid, Espagne
"If you want a snapshot of the 20 000 works being produced by the world’s finest designing studios, ad agencies, branding consultancies, film production and photographic agencies, digital media pioneers, and other creative firms from all over the globe, then you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find a more thorough volume than this one. Granted, Everything is Made is more of a showcase of the genre-defining trends of the last 12 months rather than a thorough breakdown of them, but it does show exactly where today’s design innovators are, and of course, the direction in which the mainstream is heading."— Computer Arts Projects, London, Royaume-Uni
"Après l’immense succès remporté par D&AD 2009, les auteurs détaillent dans ce nouveau volume les meilleures créations de l’année 2010. Parmi plus de 20 000 œuvres de studio, de design, d’agences de publicité et de photographie, de maisons de production de films et d’autres entreprises créatives, certaines se voient attribuer le Yellow Pencil. Ceux qui ont surpassé les critères de créativité, d’originalité et de prouesse technique sont couronnés du très rare Black Pencil. Ce recueil annuel est une référence, un must absolu pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la créativité, à la communication, au design ou à la publicité."— Lounge, Suisse
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D&AD 2010. The Best Advertising and Design in the World

D&AD 2010. The Best Advertising and Design in the World

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