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"It is a bold publication that doesn't hide behind all the various examples of graphic design, but [instead] provides a tasteful framework to showcase the many awesome examples of data narrative. It's a book to browse, jump and flip, a publication you will keep in reach for a long time and always go back to enjoy or indeed recharge your design batteries."— Urban Tick, London, Royaume-Uni
"Information Graphics  features essays and more than 200 projects – some as old as cave paintings – that explore the methods of graphic communication. A perfect gift for nerds like me."—, Berlin, Allemagne
"Even if you don’t have an interest in their design and creation, it’s an interesting read and perfect coffee table material."— Van Mildert, Durham, Royaume-Uni
"Anschauungsunterricht, wie man die Welt besser versteht. Information Graphics ist nicht nur eines meiner Lieblingsbücher, sondern auch einer der Schlüssel für den Erfolg jedes guten Kommunikationsbetriebes."— Espresso, Kulmbach, Allemagne
"La editorial TASCHEN, una de las más prestigiosas a nivel internacional, continúa profundizando en su apuesta por las obras dedicadas a publicidad y diseño. Esta vez le toca el turno a Information Graphics, un libro que recoge en cerca de 500 págs. una amplia selección de los mejores trabajos contemporáneos de infografía creados en diversos países del mundo.
Este nuevo volumen viene editado en tapa dura, incluye un póster, y tiene un precio de 49,99€."
— Blogdediseñ, Madrid, Espagne
"Information Graphics: a new TASCHEN porn book you can't live without (if you're a designer, or a fan of infographics)… Can't wait to get my hands on this forthcoming TASCHEN title, by art historian and art editor Sandra Rendgen; with graphic designer and Editor Julius Wiedemann: Information Graphics. The book explores the visual communication of data, and the 'massive flow of information that we must interpret in order to understand the world we live in', featuring work from masters of the profession."—, Los Angeles, États-Unis
"Information Graphics is a 480-page doorstopper of a book that offers up a mind-boggling selection of infographics, many plucked from the furthest reaches of the media firmament. It has more than 400 examples, ranging from an illustration of stalled building projects in a Dutch design rag to a Nicholas Felton-designed chart of traffic to a map of sonar and whale songs courtesy of a Danish geological institute.…the central theme here is one we never tire of (hell, we revisit it practically every day): Innovative visualizations have a way of carving compelling narratives out of all sorts of topics and data points, even something as monumentally dry as Nordic whale songs."—, New York, États-Unis
"Die über 200 Geschichtslektionen, 400 methodischen Beispiele, eindrücklichen und ausführenden factsheets sind verblüffend und höchst lehrreich!"— consumer’s life, Basel, Suisse
"'Non hai veramente capito qualcosa finchè non sei in grado di spiegarlo a tua nonna', diceva Einstein. E quale modo più facile per comprendere (e spiegare) un concetto, se non vederlo disegnato? Nel flusso di informazioni che ci travolge, l'infografica traduce i dati in immagini e ci aiuta a visualizzare le nozioni. La storia della disciplina e le sue applicazioni sono ora raccolte in un illustratissimo libro, Information Graphics. Al suo interno si trovano più di 400 geniali esempi, dalla genealogia musicale di Frank Zappa alla stratificazione sociale negli Usa."— Panorama Icon, Milano, Italie
"Comment le graphisme communiqué des idées complexes? C’est à cette question fondamentale que tente de répondre cet ouvrage richement illustré en adoptant une perspective historique. Fort de 200 projets et plus de 400 exemples de réalisations graphiques, Information Graphics retrace le développement du graphisme d’information depuis ses origines. Des peintures rupestres jusqu’aux œuvres actuelles, le lecteur trouve de nombreuses fiches techniques et explications des méthodes et objectifs. Alors, n’oubliez pas: voir c’est comprendre."— Computer Arts, Bath, Royaume-Uni
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Information Graphics (Jumbo)

Information Graphics

Sandra Rendgen, Julius Wiedemann
Relié, avec affiche, 9.7 x 14.6 in., 480 pages
$ 69.99
Edition multilingue: Allemand, Anglais, Français
Disponibilité: En stock
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