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“TASCHEN has the ultimate Monroe-themed gift for any major fans of the late, great star: Norman Mailer, Bert Stern, Marilyn Monroe. Priced at $ 1,000, the limited-edition tome brings together Norman Mailer's 1973 biography of Monroe with Bert Stern's now-legendary photos. Only 1,962 books have been printed and all are signed by Stern. If you're feeling particularly generous, there is an even more limited and exclusive edition priced at $ 2,500.”—
“As the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death approaches in 2012, TASCHEN has created a unique biography by pairing Norman Mailer’s 1973 bio Marilyn with Bert Stein’s intimate portraits of the actress from a Vogue photo shoot just six weeks before her death. The homage — simply titled Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe — takes the works of two great American artists and investigates the allure of one of the greatest sex symbols of all time. The book provides an up close and personal account of Monroe’s life that is sure to satisfy fervent fans of the late bombshell.”—
“In a new book, publisher TASCHEN has paired Stern’s extraordinary photographs with the text from Norman Mailer’s masterful biography Marilyn to create a fitting tribute to the woman who, at the time of her death in 1962, was the worlds most famous. In this bold synthesis of literary classic and legendary portrait sitting, Mailer and Stern lift the veils of confusion surrounding Marilyn and offer profound insight into an iconic figure whose personality largely remains an enigma even today.”— Square Mile, London, Royaume-Uni
«Ce n‘est pas un scoop‚ plutôt une quintessence de légendes.»— Côte Magazine Suisse Romande, Genève, Suisse
«Á feuilleter sans modération au salon! Un coffret collector digne de la femme fragile et de l‘actrice sexuelle qu‘elle était‚ la bombe blonde.»— Long Life Magazine, Lausanne, Suisse
“She died 50 years ago, but Marilyn Monroe remains wildly alive and kicking in pop iconography. Now with TASCHEN’s new limited-edition monograph, Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe, never-before-seen photographs of Hollywood’s most tragic and enigmatic kid-in-the-picture keeps teasing us while whispering sweet sorrows into our collective ears…In TASCHEN’s new coffee table book – recently printed in 1,962 copies signed by fabled shutterbug Bert Stern - readers and nostal-oglers will see the then 36-year-old quite nearly as intimately as ever before, stretch marks and all and older-but-just-as-sexier…Veils and mesh screens are lifted-mystery, not all.”— Room 100, New York, États-Unis
“A total collectors’ piece.”—, Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande
«Un livre XXL déjà collector. Une œuvre d‘art.»— Madame Figaro, Paris, France
«Un superbe ouvrage format géant.»—, Villeneuve D'Ascq, France
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Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Marilyn Monroe (Collector's Edition)

Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Marilyn Monroe

Norman Mailer, Bert Stern
Relié sous coffret de luxe, 14.4 x 17.3 in., 278 pages
$ 1,000
Edition: Anglais
Disponibilité: En stock
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