Léonard de Vinci. Tout l'œuvre peint et graphique - Critiques (2)

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"Bestseller. Syndrome Dan Brown ou pas, le Vinci qu`a sorti TASCHEN en novembre 2003 est devenu LE bestseller de l`éditeur à travers le monde (des centaines de milliers de copies vendues depuis sa parution). Un livre aux dimensions généreuses (29x44cm, 696 pages) qui explore en trois parties l`œuvre prolifique du génie: sa vie et son travail (dessins sur ses lettres, écrits…), ses peintures au sein d`un catalogue raisonné et enfin ses dessins (663 dessins choisis parmi des milliers produits)."— Ideat, Paris, France
"The most thorough book on Da Vinci ever published. Every painting that can be justifiably attributed to Leonardo is included, along with many other works."— The Good Book Guide, London, Royaume-Uni
"Leonardo da Vinci, the Complete Paintings and Drawings is a perfect book introducing the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci, a man who has been creating big sensation these days. But TASCHEN, the publisher of the book, never tried to take advantage of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, because the company launched the book's Japanese edition in 2004, and since then the copies sold out twice, in a very short period. The book contains complete works including the first published drawings, in 29 X 44 cm 696 pages and 10kg. Part I explores Leonardo's life and work in ten chapters, drawing upon his letters, contracts, diary entries, and writings. All of his paintings are presented and interpreted in depth, with The Annunciation and The Last Supper featured on large double-spreads. Part II comprises a catalogue raisonné of Leonardo's paintings, which covers all of his surviving and lost painted works and includes texts describing their states of preservation. Each and every painting that can be justifiably attributed to Leonardo is included here; thanks to new findings and scientific research, this is the first time his definitive painting oeuvre is being published. Part III contains an extensive catalogue of his drawings (numbering in the thousands, they cannot all be reproduced in one book); 663 are presented, arranged by category (architecture, technical, anatomical, figures, proportion, cartography, etc). Over half of the drawings included were provided by Windsor Castle, marking the first time that the Castle has allowed a publisher to reproduce so many of their drawings. A truly book of value."— Hyakuraku, Tokyo, Japon
"... must have book before you watch the movie 'Da Vinci Code'. TASCHEN's Leonardo da Vinci - the Complete Paintings and Drawings is a catalogue raisonee which includes first publicized drawings, with 10kg and 700 pages. Enjoy this wonderful tour on a coffee table and read a riddle."— GQ Japan, Tokyo, Japon
"If you really want to see the secret of Leonardo da Vinci, TASCHEN's Leonardo da Vinci - Complete Paintings and Drawings must have something to answer. The book is the complete catalogue raisonee, not only paintings and drawings, but also memos, letters, as well as the Windsor castle collection published for the first time."— Kadokawa Movie, Tokyo, Japon
"...with this book the movie 'Da Vinci Code' will be more exciting and interesting. Leonardo da Vinci - The Complete Paintings and Drawings covers all his works including many drawings which have never been published before."— Omotesando Hills Shopping Book, Tokyo, Japon
Kort maar krachtig:
Gewoon het beste werk ooit over de Italiaanse reus. Een absolute must voor iedere ware kunstliefhebber. Laat niemand zich afschrikken door het gigantische formaat!
Kopen, lenen, jatten!!
— Yvan DAVIDT, Belgique
"An enormous book I bought as a real extravagance because I do a lot of drawing. To look at the confidence Da Vinci had in every medium is a delight I keep it open and look at a different picture every day."— Anna Ford, BBC newscaster, London, Royaume-Uni
"Leonardo da Vinci - The Complete Paintings and Drawings is the best book for 2006, for the investigation of this Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist and all-around genius. Also don't miss it if you still have questions about 'The da Vinci Code' and would like to prepare for the movie."— Movie Web, Tokyo, Japon
"Art enthusiasts start saving now, for the most comprehensive collection of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings has just hit the shelves... Full-bleed reproductions of Leonardo's drawings allow the reader to get closer to his work than ever before."— The Italian Magazine, London, Royaume-Uni
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Léonard de Vinci. Tout l'œuvre peint et graphique (XL-Format)

Léonard de Vinci. Tout l'œuvre peint et graphique

Johannes Nathan, Frank Zöllner
Relié, 11.4 x 17.3 in., 696 pages
$ 200
Edition: Anglais
Disponibilité: 04/2015
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