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Federico, Argentina, diciembre 16, 2013
PLEASE. Will you please confirm if the Euclid-Byrne $59.99 edition has become out of print? It's already off your webshop. Is this so hard a question to answer? I have asked this three times so far. I really need to know if I will ever get the copy I bought. Thanks.
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, diciembre 16, 2013
Dear Federico,
thank you for your message. We can confirm that the 2013 reprint of Euclid is in stock and avalaible online for 39.99 US$. The original edition at 59.99 US$ came in a clamshell box but is no longer available.
I hope this answer helps, please let me know if we can be of further assistance.
Best wishes,
2.  Federico, Argentina, diciembre 16, 2013
Actually, you can. Please tell how both edition differ. Because there´s a difference in the number of pages. Thanks.
3.  Jascha, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, diciembre 17, 2013
Dear Federico,
both editions have 396 pages. The original edition came in two volumes in a clamshell box – the reprint of Byrne's amazing book (300 pp., vol.1), and a booklet containing an essay by Werner Oechslin (96 pp., vol.2). Our reissue combines both parts in one volume (without box), we haven't cut any pages. The reissue is slightly larger regarding the format (20.5 x 25.6 cm compared to 18.7 x 23.3 cm for the original edition). I hope this answers your question – if not, feel free to contact me at jke(at)
Best wishes,
4.  Federico, Argentina, diciembre 17, 2013
Andrew Taylor, Reino Unido, diciembre 13, 2013
Are you able to tell us the approximate price range the new 2001 book will be in?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Estados Unidos, diciembre 14, 2013
Dear Andrew,
it is still too early for a price as we're still in the prototyping and researching phase, but we are aiming to stay within the (original) price range of the Napoleon book.
Best wishes,
2.  Andrew Taylor, Estados Unidos, diciembre 14, 2013
Thanks Florian. I look forward to adding 2001 to my shelf alongside Napoleon
3.  Doug, Estados Unidos, diciembre 14, 2013
Really looking forward to this book. 2 questions: what is the target publishing date and do you know yet if the book will be In landscape or portrait format?

Thank you,
4.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Estados Unidos, diciembre 19, 2013
Dear Doug,
glad you're looking forward to the release we're aiming to be out this spring, and as for the format question, be prepared for some surprises…
Best wishes,
Luca, Italy, diciembre 13, 2013
Each year buying hiroshige large wall calendar, 12 months Edition, not weekly. I can't find it for 2014. Means that you won't be published? Thank Luca
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, diciembre 13, 2013
Dear Luca,
thank you for your interest in our Hiroshige calendars. For 2014 we produced a new weekly tear-off version featuring even more of the Famous Views of Edo. The monthly wall calendar you are asking about will not be available for 2014.
Best wishes, Marie
Lars, Alemania, diciembre 10, 2013
Dear Taschen-Team,
I bought all 4 New York Times books and I am so fascinated by them! But I am missing a fifth book. Are there any plans on releasing a New York Times title for North Africa and Middle East (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, East Turkey, Iran, Arabia, UAE, and so on)? That would be great!
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1.  Nina Wiener, Managing Editor, Estados Unidos, diciembre 11, 2013
Dear Lars,
Happy to hear you are enjoying this series. For the moment we are hard at work with a major update to USA and Canada, but do hope to publish 36 Hours stories on Africa and the Middle East soon!
All best,
Lucila, Argentina, diciembre 09, 2013
Hi, I want to buy the Basquiat book, but I'm confused as to how much it really costs... and also, I can't find a button to buy it online, are you guys not delivering in Argentina?
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, diciembre 11, 2013
Dear Lucila,
thank you for your message. The Basquiat Book costs 14.99 US$. We do not offer delivery to Argentina as of now but hope to provide that service in the future.
Best wishes
2.  Alejandro, Argentina, diciembre 12, 2013
Lucila, tenía la misma duda, si al tratarse de libros, “material impreso”, se podía hacer una compra actualmente o no. Normalmente no pagaban impuestos y no se detenían en la aduana. Espero que pronto podamos pertenecer al mundo.
Sasha, Italy, diciembre 08, 2013
Good afternoon,

Only today I realized it's not possible to pay though credit card anymore.
Is only a temporary status?

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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, diciembre 09, 2013
Dear Sasha,
until now, paying cash upon delivery is the only method of payment that we can offer for orders in Italy. But we are looking forward to providing more payment options very soon.
Best wishes
2.  Sasha (Italy - Germany), Italy, diciembre 14, 2013
Thanks for your answer.

Kind regards,
Marc CHAMBOST, Francia, diciembre 04, 2013
Je suis fan de vos livres mais j'ai été un peu déçu par le Paris de Gaudrand: le texte est parfois simplet, il y a des coquilles et des erreurs; par exemple la photo de Blumenfeld page 279 est montée à l'envers!
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1.  Simone, editor, Alemania, diciembre 09, 2013
Merci beaucoup pour votre remarque. Nous sommes désolés que tout ne soit pas exact malgré les recherches intensives que nous avons faites. Nous corrigerons naturellement les erreurs lors de la réédition de l'ouvrage. Vous pouvez également nous faire parvenir vos critiques en écrivant à Nous espérons que vous aurez également à l'avenir du plaisir à lire des livres TASCHEN!
Juanfo, España, diciembre 04, 2013
Para cuando una tienda Taschen en España??
Me encanto la tienda de Amsterdam y me gustaría tener una en Madrid.
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1.  María Mariam PR Manager, España, diciembre 30, 2013
Gracias por preguntar, te mantendremos informado sobre una futura tienda!Feliz año!
mihai r., Dinamarca, diciembre 03, 2013
Hello. I ordered "Type: A visual History of typefaces and graphic styles"–2013 edition– from hoping that the copy will come together the TASCHEN keycard to online image library (as presented on Taschen keycard comes only with copies purchased from taschen online shop?

Mihai R.
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1.  Jascha, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, diciembre 04, 2013
Dear Mihai,
no worries – the keycard comes with all books, no matter where you buy your copy. You will find the card behind the flap of the second volume's backcover.

Best wishes,
Ivana J., Macedonia, diciembre 03, 2013
As a passionate reader and a long time adorer of the surreal, I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any plans on publishing a book of the works of Remedios Varo
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