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michael straus, Alemania, julio 23, 2014
der versuch , Bücher online in ihrem hause zu bestellen, scheint ein ding der Unmöglichkeit zu sein.
bei nachfragen über Liefertermine etc. hörte ich fast ständig den Satz ….. da kenn ich mich nicht aus, wirrufen zurück.. was dann leider auch nicht passiert.
und dann , bitte …. Rechnungen in englisch abgefasst ? geht offensichtlich nicht mehr in deutsch
Zeitpunkt der Bestellungen Anfang Juni 2014
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, julio 24, 2014
Lieber Herr Straus,
herzlichen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Ich hoffe, dass wir in unserem Telefonat alle Rückfragen zu Ihren Bestellungen klären konnten. Wir entschuldigen uns, dass in diesem Fall die Lieferung länger dauerte als erwartet.
Mit besten Grüßen,
Marie Fanger
David, Estados Unidos, julio 22, 2014
Hello. I am just wondering if there are still plans to publish a book of Steve Schapiro's photos on the movie "Chinatown"? I sure hope so as Chinatown is my favorite movie of all time!
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1.  Paul Duncan, Editor, Reino Unido, julio 24, 2014
Dear David, Sorry to inform you that we have dropped this idea, but we do plan to make another book with Steve Schapiro in the future. best - paul
2.  David Olstein, Estados Unidos, agosto 04, 2014
I hope you'll reconsider. I loved the Godfather and Taxi Driver books. There aren't many other films from the 70s that can stand alongside these, but Chinatown is definitely one of them.
Bruno Fontanezi, Brazil, julio 22, 2014
When will you start deliver the book "The Making of 2001"? I am from Brazil and bought the book by an importing ( I am very anxious.
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1.  Mark Foster, Reino Unido, julio 22, 2014
I noticed that my pre-order details of the 2001 book have gone, now that the collector's edition has sold out. Is it still up despite this? Catherine at Taschen's London office informed me that I will be receiving it soon...
Sergio Usera, España, julio 19, 2014
I just founfd the price of "The Making of 2001" has risen from 500€ to 750. Is this right? Could you please explain the rise in price?
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, julio 21, 2014
Dear Sergio,
thank you for message.
The price augmentation is indeed due to a decline in stocks, a process that is common to all our limited edition books (and any art or collectible business), and benefits all those who have made their decision early: once we're sold out, our books often climb to even much higher prices.
All preorders made through will of course be fulfilled, we're extremely happy how many devoted Kubrick fans have taken the opportunity to secure a copy at the entry price.
Thank you for your consideration, best wishes,
2.  Oliver, Alemania, julio 21, 2014
But without having had the chance to even see it it in an actual store, this procedure seems rather daring and unfair.....
3.  A NY collector, Estados Unidos, julio 21, 2014
Also very interesting to see the tight-fisted distribution of this title. It doesn't seem to be available to ANY third-party vendors.
4.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, julio 30, 2014
Dear collector,
please note that this is common practice on all our limited titles (only distributed through TASCHEN's own channels) – we will make all efforts to communicate this even more clearly in the future!
Best wishes,
5.  David Olstein, Estados Unidos, agosto 04, 2014
Frankly, I can't remember a time when the price of a Taschen book increased during the pre-order period. Afterwards, yes, but never before. Looks like a shameless money grab to me.
6.  A NY Collector, Estados Unidos, agosto 05, 2014
Taschen should get their story straight. Florian says that Collector's Editions are never distributed to websites like B&N and amazon, but come on: anyone with a computer can find your in-print limited editions all over webstores and at times available at deep discounts (America Swings is on amazon right now at 47% off the list price, Rose C'est Paris at 15%, Christopher Wool at 5% off, and so on). Debra, in another post, explains that B&N did have some copies and they just sold out.

People were trying to buy the book at a discount, and you said no. You have every right to demand full price from your expensive books, but your history with discounts sends your loyal collectors a different kind of message.
Robin. R, Reino Unido, julio 17, 2014
Have just received three books that I purchased in the sale and have been left speechless as usual. Amazingly shot and so inspiring. I don't suppose you have any plans to do a book or series on dance (Cedar Lake or Pina Bausch for example)?
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L.Mencarelli, Italy, julio 11, 2014
mi piacerebbe un'edizione Taschen dell'opera del matematico Luca Pacioli "De Divina Proportione" contenente anche diverse raffigurazioni di poliedri disegnati da Leonardo da Vinci: esistono già alcune edizioni di questo lavoro ed un fac-simile molto ben realizzato ma putroppo in vendita ad un prezzo piuttosto alto e quindi destinato ad un pubblico di nicchia: spero in una grande diffusione di quest'opera della fine del lontano 1400 pur sempre affascinate e con il valore aggiunto dei disegni geometrici di Leonardo! grazie e buon lavoro
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1.  Petra Lamers-Schütze, Editor, Cologne, Alemania, julio 14, 2014
Gentile L. Mencarelli, La ringrazio per il suo messaggio. Conosciamo l'opera di Pacioli e tempo fa avevamo discusso una possibile reedizione. Ma le edizioni esistenti, come lei scrive, sono veramente ben fatte e perciò non abbiamo realizzato questo progetto. Ma non si sa mai forse nel futuro ritorneremo. Cordiali saluti, Petra Lamers-Schütze
Alan Horten, Reino Unido, julio 11, 2014
Fantastic quality books.
Just don't try to buy as a gift for someone in another country.
Oh for the ability to telephone and talk to someone.
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, julio 15, 2014
Dear Alan,
thank you for your feedback. We do not yet offer cross-national shipping and invoicing, but we look forward to providing that service in our online store soon.
You can reach our UK customer service at + 44-20-7845 8585 or, we are always happy to hear from you.
Best wishes,
Stefan, Alemania, julio 10, 2014
Mein riesen Kompliment zur Herausgabe von 2001 Making of.. Wenn es eine bezahlbare Auflage gibt, dann bin ich dabei.

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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, julio 11, 2014
Lieber Stefan,
vielen Dank für die freundliche Nachricht, das hoffen wir sehr! Es sieht ganz gut aus, allzu viele Exemplare der limitierten Ausgabe sind bereits nicht mehr verfügbar.
Beste Grüße,
changeling, Australia, julio 10, 2014
Great stuff the one Exotic Drinks :):)
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y., Francia, julio 08, 2014
une sortie du livre annie leibovitz dans un format plus petit est elle prévue???
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, julio 08, 2014
Bonjour Y,
c'est toujours prévu pour nos livres – par contre pour le Helmut Newton SUMO ça durait dix ans, alors en ce cas il vous faudra du patience!
Bien à vous, Florian
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