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George, Federación de Rusia, enero 12, 2014
I am from Moscow and we have not delivery fro Taschen. But next Month I will be in Berlin . Can I arrange delivery to hotel reception?
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, enero 13, 2014
Dear George,
please write directly to store-berlin (at) Our colleagues will be happy to assist you with your purchase during your stay in Berlin.
Best wishes,
sleazy johns, Bermudas, enero 10, 2014
I find your regular book suggestions very interesting indeed! Keep up the good work folks:):)!!!
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1.  Лючия, Eslovaquia, enero 27, 2014
Добрый день.Я из Казахстана.Я -писательница.Как связаться с редактором художественной литературы вашего издательства?
Ricardo Hernán, Mexico, enero 10, 2014
Dear Simone Philippi:
I think a book about Tina Modotti is a good idea,don't you think so? She was a great artist,I love the works that she made in Mexico.I hope a book about her.Thanks.
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1.  SImone Philippi, editor, Alemania, enero 10, 2014
Thank you for your proposal. We admire Tina Modotti's work, and we'll see what we can do for you in the future!
gustavo piqueras fisk, España, enero 08, 2014
Hi, i´d like to know how do you study and receive proposals for new books and projects. I´m architect and i´m transforming some art conferences I did in 2012 in an ilustrated book for young people about art perception, full of images... is the book i´d have loved to read at 17, when i was lost and confused. Saludos.
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, enero 09, 2014
Dear Gustavo,
please send your proposal to contact(at)
Best wishes,
2.  gustavo, España, enero 09, 2014
thank you, i´ll surely do it
Doug, Estados Unidos, enero 07, 2014
Hi. Any word on the Rolling Stones book regarding price and publication date?
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, enero 08, 2014
Dear Doug,
please write to m.fanger(at) and I will be glad to keep you updated on any news about publishing date and prices. The book will most probably be released in the first half of this year.
Best wishes,
2.  Reuel Golden,Editor,New York, Estados Unidos, enero 08, 2014
Dear Doug,Thank you for getting in touch.It is the authorized,definitive photographic history of the band,epic in size and ambition.Inevitably,this means that a project of this nature takes time..time that is still very much on our side.I promise you that it will be worth the wait.Hope to have an update about availability soon.Best wishes,Reuel
Eric, Países Bajos, enero 07, 2014
I noticed that the Naomi Campbell book is removed from the website. Is the book cancelled?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, enero 07, 2014
Dear Eric,
thanks for your query – no, it isn't canceled at all, we just need to take one more deep breath, revise the cover design and produce it in all its beauty. Please stay tuned for a gorgeous early summer arrival!
Julien, Suiza, enero 07, 2014
Hello Taschen Team,
when can we expect your Sales on books for the year 2014?
thank you for your prompt reply.
best wishes,
Julien B.
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, enero 08, 2014
Dear Julien,
the next Sale will be this month, end of January. We will keep you posted via our Newsletter, Facebook and on
Please check back again soon for more details!
Best wishes,
Ludovic Lenfant, Francia, enero 04, 2014

j'aimerais connaître les dates de parutions pour les volumes restant à venir dans la collections DC COMICS (après le golden et le silver age).
Merci d'avance.
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, enero 07, 2014
Bonjour Ludovic,
merci de votre question. Nous travaillons très fort à finir les trois dernières volumes de la série légendaire DC Comics. Bronze, Dark et Modern Ages vont donc paraître l'un après l'autre à partir de cet automne – SVP, restez informés!
Bien cordialement,
PS: on annoncera bientôt aussi d'autres parutions importantes dans le monde BD…
Eduardo Tanta, Reino Unido, enero 02, 2014
Dear Sirs

I notice the National Geographic title is now available, for which thanks. However, how are you able to justify 125,000 copies as being "Limited"? By that reckoning nearly all books are limited edition. For £350 we might expect a little more exclusivity....
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, enero 02, 2014
Dear Eduardo,
many thanks for your kind comment and query. You are correct stating that all copies of the first edition – three magnificent volumes in transformable book cases – are limited to a total number of 125,000 copies, split in between the various territories (first translations currently being completed and produced). This means that for most countries the number of available copies will be under 10,000 items, and we are looking forward to sell out these books within the coming year or two. Thereupon we will consider more popular standard editions, as per our usual procedures.
I hope this answer serves you well.
Best wishes,
2.  Eduardo Tanta, Reino Unido, enero 02, 2014
Thank you Florian. Whether there are 10,000 in each country or not ( one suspects rather more in the US?) the print run for our global village is 125,000- hardly a limited edition ,except in so far as it won't be reprinted.
3.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, enero 02, 2014
PS, as for "more exclusivity": I can only recommend to browse the current edition in person if you get a chance in any book store nearby – it really speaks for itself in terms of brilliance and reproduction quality.
4.  Eduardo Tanta, Reino Unido, enero 02, 2014
I have seen it, glorious- really!!
Rainer, Alemania, diciembre 30, 2013
Zunächst vielen Dank für die Gesamtausgabe "Caravaggio XL" von Sebastian Schütze, über die ich mich seinerzeit sehr gefreut habe.
Seit Jahren suche ich auch nach einer Veröffentlichung aller Zeichungen von Jean Cocteau, die bisher immer nur in Auszügen zu finden sind. Hatten Sie schon einmal über eine solche Gesamtausgabe nachgedacht?
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1.  Petra Lamers-Schütze, Editor, Alemania, enero 02, 2014
Es freut uns sehr, dass Ihnen unser Caravaggio gefällt. In der gleichen Reihe ist übrigens gerade das neue Buch über Hieronymus Bosch erschienen, ebenfalls mit zahlreichen neuen Detailaufnahmen. Vielen Dank für Ihre Anregung zu Cocteaus Zeichnungen, das werden wir uns genau ansehen. Mit vielen Grüßen, Petra Lamers-Schütze
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