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Matthew H Constant, Estados Unidos, junio 29, 2014
Recently purchased a copy of Logorama at Barnes and Noble. This will come in very handy for my model railroading escapades. I LOVED the film on which it is based, and when I saw the book in the store, I was hooked.
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rob de zoete, Países Bajos, junio 28, 2014
really annoyed:i bought "tom of Finland"just a few weeks ago for the original prize of Euro 150,00
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1.  Marie, TASCHEN Internet Department, Alemania, julio 01, 2014
Dear Rob,
thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your message to our colleagues in Customer Services, they will reply shortly.
Best wishes,
Philipp, Alemania, junio 26, 2014
Hallo TASCHEN-Team,

wird wird es in naher Zukunft vielleicht einen TASCHEN-Store in Hannover geben??? Demnächst öffnet Apple dort seine Tore, da darf TASCHEN doch meiner Meinung nach nicht fehlen! ;-)
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, julio 02, 2014
Hallo Philipp,
Hannover steht leider erst einmal nicht auf unserer "Liste", aber wir wollen vor Jahresende noch zwei neue Stores in Europa eröffnen. Bald hier dazu mehr!
Beste Grüße, Florian
Alex, Italy, junio 26, 2014
Finally the sale is available in Italy too!
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matt, Bélgica, junio 24, 2014
i have the out of print tiki modern book. how much of this book is the same as tiki pop? is there a lot of new stuff in tiki pop or is it simply a rework with rearranged text and pictures? thanks
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, junio 24, 2014
Dear Matt,
many thanks for your query – Tiki Pop is full of all new material, you must know Sven is really unstoppable!
Thushara, Sri Lanka, junio 22, 2014

any plans to create a Windows Phone app for Taschen?
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1.  Anne, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, Alemania, julio 01, 2014
Dear Thushara, thanks much for your query. We will redevelop our TASCHEN magazine App soon and hopefully also find solutions for Windows and Android.
Best regards,
cédric, Francia, junio 21, 2014
est ce que vous préparez une séance de dédicase avec madame Annie Leibovitz ? à Paris bien sur ?
merci beaucoup pour votre réponse.
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Dr. med. Thomas G. Schaetzler MD, Alemania, junio 21, 2014
Annie Leibovitz and her exclusive Sumo Art Edition at Art Basel:

What a brilliant performing at Art Basel! It is really a great and opulent book. I bought it and I like it more and more every day.
Sincerely yours
Dr. Thomas G. Schaetzler, MD, Dortmund
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Vinicius, Brazil, junio 19, 2014
Olá Taschen, boa tarde! Gostaria de saber se vocês entregam a revista no Rio de Janeiro(Brasil) e, se sim, em quanto tempo? Sou novo aqui e estou adorando o que vejo nos livros de arte, fotografia e arquitetura, por isso, fiz o pedido da revista pra ter uma ideia se chegará aqui onde moro, caso venha a comprar um desses belíssimos livros. Até mais e parabéns pelos livros, eu adoro!
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Phil, Alemania, junio 19, 2014

wird es in naher Zukunft ein neues Jeff Koons Buch geben???
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