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Matthew Hunt, Tailandia, marzo 18, 2015
re: The World of Ornament

This book "brings together" works by Racinet and Dupont-Auberville, and seemingly it mixes plates from the two sources into a single chronology.

The book doesn't specify which plates are from which source. Is there a list identifying (or any way of discerning from the book) which plates come from Racinet and which come from Dupont-Auberville? Many thanks.
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1.  Petra Lamers-Schütze, Editor TASCHEN, Cologne, Alemania, marzo 23, 2015
Dear Matthew Hunt, you are right, the book brings together two of the encyclopaedic collections of ornaments.
Dupont-Auberville is specifying on fabrics only, and you'll find the precise comment in each entry. A list of works devided between the two authors is not included.
Best wishes, Petra
Carlos E. Franco Burgos, Mexico, marzo 11, 2015
Hola apreciada María Eugenia Mariam, me dirijo a usted ya que es la que generalmente me contestas los cometarios que he agregado en este mismo espacio, en esta ocasion es para suplicarte que hagas que me envien la revista actual de la editorial, ya que a hasta este momento no me ha llegado, te prometo que ya verifique mi dirección y es correcta, inclusive volví a llenar el registro con todos mis datos y hasta ahora nada!!!! por favor antes de que empiece a circular el nuevo vol. mandemelo!!!! Los colecciono.
Son los mejores!! Un abrazo!!!
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John, Estados Unidos, marzo 09, 2015
Good day,

I would like to suggest a reprint to Taschen; Richard Neutra’s ARCHITECTURE OF SOCIAL CONCERN IN REGIONS OF MILD CLIMATE. The buildings and ideas described in this book are still relevant to the practice of architecture today and it would also make a good addition to your other Neutra titles.
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Iryna, Ucrania, marzo 01, 2015
Tell me please if you are publishing books in russian language?
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Arseniy, Federación de Rusia, febrero 27, 2015
Quick question: there are two editions of Berlin: Portrait of a City, 2007 and recent one. The first one listed everywhere as 671 pages, the more recent one - 560. What happened to 111 pages?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, marzo 02, 2015
Dear Arseniy,
Thank you for your note. You are right, the younger editions of the Berlin book have less pages – we have cleaned through the book taking off some dust and some of the weaker photos, so that the better ones can breathe and come to life even stronger, making sure that this successful book an everlasting classic that can stand the test of time!
Best wishes,
2.  Digby Lovell, Reino Unido, abril 17, 2015
And you've charged the same price, it must have been some clean up operation. 20% less book, same price. Wow.
marco, Italy, febrero 27, 2015
i'm looking for some taschen magazine because i want collect them. i have the last tree magazine, so i'm interested in the previous numbers!
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1.  marco, Italy, febrero 27, 2015
sorry, my question is: can you sand me them? is it possible?
puck77, Alemania, febrero 19, 2015
Habe gerade erst bemerkt, dass im Buch "Andy Warhol - Kunst als Kommerz" von 1999 keine einzige Abbildung seiner Katzen ist. Schade :-(
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Gregg F, Estados Unidos, febrero 18, 2015
When will The Chaplin Archives be available for pre-order?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Alemania, marzo 20, 2015
Dear Gregg,
Thank you for your interest! The book should be on sale this summer, so by June/July you should be able to pre-order on our website.
Best wishes,
2.  Hi, Estados Unidos, abril 04, 2015
pls contact me back
Tomislav Novoselec, Croacia, febrero 12, 2015
Is there any Taschen event or special discount in Milan store during EXPO 2015?
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Michael, Canadá, febrero 10, 2015
Any news on the release of THE FIGHT? When do you expect it to be published? thank you.
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