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“Una cosa es hablar del universo almodovariano y otra muy distinta hacerlo con conocimiento de causa. Con su archivo personal puesto a total disposición de la editorial, TASCHEN ha recogido en este impresionante volumen de más de 600 páginas y textos del director para realizar una exhaustiva exploración de su obra.”— Pasajes, Renfe, Madrid, España
"Almodóvar si! Fans de Pedro Almodóvar, ce tout nouveau livre publié par TASCHEN est pour vous. Le réalisateur de La Mancha a donné son feu vert pour la publication de centaines de photos inédites, dont des images de son dernier film La Piel que habito, toutes commentées par des auteurs espagnols. Une balade visuelle à travers sa brillante filmographie."— Têtu Hors série, Paris, Francia
„Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einem Weihnachtsgeschenk? Im TASCHEN-Verlag erscheint noch im November ein Buch über den spanischen Regisseur Pedro Almodóvar.“www.lifestyle.yahoo.com, München, Alemania
“This week TASCHEN launched another absolutely outstanding volume to their definitive film Archives collection.”— The Establishing Shot, London, Reino Unido
“This week, gracias a mis amigas Lucia y Martha, fuimos al book signing de Pedro Almodóvar’s book The Almodóvar Archives at the beautiful TASCHEN Book Store in Beverly Hills. A few lucky fans got a chance to meet and greet the film maestro, and he is a lovely, funny and charming man. Se me hace que es una persona que se ha de divertir mucho con sus ideas y su creatividad. Imagine what his mind looks like! All those colors popping all over the place, all those stories and visuals of the movies he creates. As an added treat, también estuvo Antonio Banderas, one of his first actor discoveries all the way back in the late 1980′s, and apparently still a beloved friend after all these years. They had a brief Q&A session which was initially done in English, but as Mr. Almodovar got more animated, he asked for a translator, para poderse expresar agusto…Truly a memorable evening I shall never forget.”— Lifeinspanglish.com
“Since this is a book about and sort of by the inimitable Spanish filmmaker (being the first book Almodóvar has ever written about all his films), the price tag feels kinda right. Add to that the fact that this photography book is coming from TASCHEN, and that it comes with an actual strip of film from his movie Volver (plucked straight from his private vault), and you’ve kind of got yourself a deal. If you don’t know TASCHEN, their books are always gorgeous and exquisitely made — and pricey… Like Hitchcock, Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman, who also got the TASCHEN treatment, Almodovar’s style and the colorful, totally unique world he’s created with each film deserves a well-crafted book like this.”— Lostinasupermarket.com
“TASCHEN has been given complete access to the independent director's archives, so expect plenty of scintillating tidbits about longtime collaborator Penelope Cruz and vibrant stills from his extensive canon of work, of which Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! is probably the best-known. Naomi Campbell's recent V Spain cover featured her tied up with her mouth duct-taped shut, and while many have imagined the supermodel in similar scenarios, she claimed she would only permit such an act for an issue dedicated to Pedro Almodóvar. If that's not enough of a reason to reserve a copy of The Pedro Almodóvar Archives, we're not sure what is.”— Hintmag.com
“The most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker since Luis Buñuel, Almodóvar was equally charming and engaging as he addressed the crowd and shared his thoughts, alongside Banderas who quipped along with equal wit and aplomb. The Book Signing party was complemented by free flowing wine and fancy hors d’oeuvres you wouldn't attempt at home, delivered by sequined and otherwise feathered, smiling catering staff… The room was charged with an atmosphere of heightened excitement and emotion that only Almodóvar could deliver…The friendly staff at TASCHEN circulated the room as well, smiles a’beaming to offer assistance where needed to all attendees in order to ensure that none of the 200 or so guests in the shoulder tight room would be overlooked… After a brief introduction, and a few words about the most recent Almodóvar film Banderas had appeared in recently, The Skin I Live In, the benevolent Almodóvar emerged and greeted us all. Emotions were heightened as Almodóvar spoke, sharing a portrayal of his life that filled the room with love and hope as he encouraged us all to pursue our passions and dreams… The Pedro Almodóvar Archives reveals an in-depth exploration into Almodóvar’s life, including many previously unpublished creative works. This exciting one of a kind memento features personal photos that Almodóvar took himself during filming. Small wonder all 200 advanced copies of The Archives were sold out in the space of an hour…The Pedro Almodóvar Archives features over 600 images inviting one to journey through the rich life that is uniquely Pedro Almodóvar's.”— LA Splash, Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
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Los Archivos de Pedro Almodóvar (XL-Format)

Los Archivos de Pedro Almodóvar

Paul Duncan, Bárbara Peiró
Tapa dura con tira de película, 16.2 x 11.8 in., 410 páginas
$ 200

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