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Joep Pohlen: "Letterfontäne"

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Fuente de letras

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"Fuente de letras", anatomía de los tipos

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Alles, was Sie jemals über Schrift wissen wollten

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Alles, was Sie jemals über Schrift wissen wollten

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Über Buchstaben

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Joep Pohlen - Letterfontäne

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Fuente de letras

Fuente de letras

Joep Pohlen
Tapa dura, 6.6 x 9.4 in., 640 páginas
$ 69.99

Online currently not available
  • Reseñas
"Even as publishing marches into the Kindle’s cold clutches, publishers are exploring the unique qualities of print. TASCHEN’s Letter Fountain is a gorgeous, borderline excessive celebration of the many riches of typography."
— Time Out Chicago, Chicago, Estados Unidos
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Reader's Question: Could you tell me, does Letterfountain include information about websites where I can download the fonts discussed?

Joep Pohlen: Letter Fountain has extensive indexes and one of them is the Index of typefaces and another is the Index of type designers. In both indexes you will find the foundries behind each typeface mentioned in the book. With that information you can easily find a distributor on the internet.
Above that I can give you a couple of internet links were you can find most of the typefaces:
For finding similar fonts you can look at www.identifont.com
There are many more but on these sites you will find 99% of the quality fonts presented in Letter Fountain, also those from individual designers and small foundries.
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FUSE 1–20
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