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Australe, Belgium, August 08, 2014
Au hasard d'un surf, j'arrive sur votre site. J'en suis très heureuse car, alors que grande amatrice de votre collection sur les différents arts architecturaux (roman, gothique, ...), j'avais été informée de l'arrêt des éditions Taschen. Je vais donc non seulement pouvoir implémenter ma collection mais en prime offrir des cadeaux "intelligents" (rien de tel qu'un beau livre plutôt qu'une tablette ... mais c'est un autre débat!). Merci !
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Martin G, United States, August 06, 2014
I ordered the Kubrick 2001 book at Taschen Beverly Hills store - Do you know when the book will ship?
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Mark Foster, United Kingdom, August 06, 2014
While I am currently enjoying the truly magnificent 2001 book, I would like to ask one question on behalf of those who missed out on this masterpiece: do you plan to publish another edition of the title before the year is out, like you have done so in the past with the Napoleon book and the Stanley Kubrick Archives?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, August 06, 2014
Dear Mark,
There will be a trade edition of 2001, but at this point it is unlikely it will still be released in 2014. You will be informed here should that change!
Best wishes,
David Olstein, United States, August 04, 2014
For those of you who had their pre-orders cancelled by Barnes & Noble, copies of The Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey are still available from Taschen's New York store, albeit for $250 more than the price Barnes & Noble was charging. I went ahead and purchased a copy, and have sent an e-mail to Barnes & Noble customer service asking for reimbursement of the additional $250. If they don't agree to reimburse me, or at least provide me with a store credit in this amount, I plan on filing a claim against Barnes & Noble in small claims court. What happened with the Kubrick book is not an isolated occurred. Barnes & Noble's practice of pre-selling books in amounts exceeding their allotment from the publisher has to stop.
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1.  David Olstein, United States, August 04, 2014
Barnes & has a phyiscal adddress in New York City, so if you live in New York and had your pre-order cancelled, you could sue Barnes & in small claims court. Unfortunately, recovery of punitive damages isn't allowed, so the most you could recover is around $250 (assuming to purchased the book from a Taschen store for $1000). Factor in court costs and the cost of enforcing the judgment and you'll be lucky to pocket $150. But I'm planning on filing a claim, and I hope others do as well. Otherwise, Barnes and Noble will have no incentive to change its practices regarding pre-sales of limited edition books.
2.  Matthew Hunt, Thailand, August 05, 2014
This is Taschen's website, not B&N's. Also, I don't see how you could claim any money from B&N, because they cancelled the order without charging anything. Presumably they didn't know how many (if any) copies they would receive, so they didn't know how many pre-orders they could accept. And if you knew that B&N did this in the past, why are you surprised that it happened again?

Ordering with Taschen has its own frustrations, because the release date has been delayed by several times over a period of months, without any automatic notifications. But at least there's more certainty than pre-ordering via a 3rd party, especially because the 2001 book was sure to be very popular.
3.  David Olstein, United States, August 05, 2014
Yes, this is Taschen's web site, but other people who have been burned by Barnes & Noble have posted on the guestbook and would benefit from the information I have posted.

I don't know how contract law operates in Thailand, but in the United States, if someone enters into a contract to sell an item at a specified price, and then fails to perform under the contract, the buyer is entitled to compensatory damages equal to the difference between what the buyer ultimately paid for the item and what he would have paid had the original seller not defaulted. The fact that Barnes & Noble didn't charge me for the book doesn't matter. I still incurred losses as a result of having to purchase the book elsewhere at a higher price.

As for my knowledge of Barnes & Nobles shady practices with respect to pre-sales of limited edition books, that was gathered through research conducted *after* Barnes & Noble failed to perform under its sale contract.

As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you. Fool my twice, shame on me. Needless to say, I will not pre-order any limited edition Taschen books from Barnes & Noble in the future, and I would strongly discourage anyone else from doing so either.

By the way, I assume that if you have any affiliation with Barnes and Noble, you would have disclosed it in your post.
David Olstein, United States, August 03, 2014
Another customer here who got screwed by Barnes & Noble. Assuming I can locate a copy of The Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, I plan on suing Barnes & Noble in small claims court for the difference between what I paid (which, at this point, will almost certainly be at least $1000) and the price at which B&N contracted to sell me the book. ($750).

I think we can all agree that B&N's actions here are unacceptable. They should have stopped accepting pre-orders once their allotment had been filled. At best, B&N was negligent. At worst, their actions constitute fraud.

I strongly urge Taschen to discontinue sales of its limited editions through online retailers If they continue, this problem is almost certain to happen again, and if it does, Taschen will deserve its fair share of the blame.
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Jonas, Germany, August 01, 2014
Auf diesem Wege ein herzliches Dankeschön und Gratulation für die tolle Ausgabe zu Kubricks '2001' - Selten habe ich so viel Freude an einem Druckerzeugnis gehabt, wobei mir die 500 EUR bei dieser hohen Qualität noch günstig erscheinen! Bitte weiter so!!!
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, August 04, 2014
Vielen Dank, lieber Jonas, das hören wir gerne… Beste Grüße, Florian
Galerie Mühlenhof, Germany, July 30, 2014
Ach, TASCHEN...! Über die Qualität eurer Bücher muß gar nichts mehr geschrieben werden. Top-Niveau!! Aber warum lasst ihr meine Ansprechpartnerin im Kundenservice ziehen? Ein Fehler! Selten findet man als kleines Geschäft eine so herzliche und zuvorkommende Betreuung. Liebe Frau Maas, vielen Dank und alles Gute für die Zukunft!
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1.  Verena Maas, TASCHEN, Germany, July 30, 2014
Herr Schieweck, das rührt und ehrt mich sehr! Vielen Dank auch von meiner Seite für die gute Zusammenarbeit! Sie haben ein tolles Geschäft - und wirklich viel Humor – Weiter so!
Dan, United States, July 30, 2014
I take the sound of crickets from Taschen to my previous question to mean that all those that pre-ordered the Kubrick book from Barnes & Noble are as left out as those that ordered through Amazon UK. And please don’t blame 3rd party distributors for this debacle. The fault lies squarely with Taschen. All one had to do is google the book in the months leading up to the release and the FIRST THING that one would see were ads for the book from Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble. Why didn't you have the ads taken down as soon as you saw them? Also, I don’t recall seeing anything about this edition being “exclusively” available through Taschen on your website. Please be honest with your customers because these excuses are very transparent.
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, July 30, 2014
Dear Dan,
with official confirmation from TASCHEN America pending, I can basically rule out the possibility of Barnes & Noble being able to retail our "2001" book, since we distribute ALL our limited editions only exclusively through our own channels, i.e. our brick and mortar Stores worldwide as well as the Webstore here.
While we understand your anger about being mislead by offers of third party online vendors, I would like to emphasize that we have contacted these companies, but unfortunately they are sometimes inertially slow on such requests. We can only apologize, even though their policies are partly out of our hands!
That said, of course we share your dissatisfaction for not being able to receive your desired product. Please make sure to contact Rob, our collector's concierge under to evaluate how we may be able to help you.
Best wishes,
2.  Andrew Taylor, United Kingdom, July 30, 2014
I would like to make a few suggestions for next time.....

1. On your web pages relating to "limited editions" - make it 100% clear which items are ONLY available via your web site and your stores

2. Indicate clearly that your release dates are a guide and keep them accurately updated

3. Advise those that have ordered through either method of changes to despatch plan. Simple to do so just by keeping a mailing list of orderers per title. Communicate.

4. Be transparent about the fact you will increase prices for LE items as stock nears end of the run

All this should be lessons learned from the poor 2001 customer experience
3.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, July 30, 2014
Dear Andrew,
many thanks for your kind suggestions.
We have just launched a new customer service tool that should help us tracking and improving the overall communication, and we try to stay very hands-on in our direct communication with customers whenever we can.
You are right that we can and have to do better on communicating timing and retail details – the launch of a new website intended for the end of the year will hopefully bring improvement in this regard and in overall service as well (although timing itself may remain a challenging issue due to our complex production processes).
We have been massively advertising the price increase topic over the past few years e.g. in our magazines – the reason why this sticks out so much in this case is the fact that "2001" sold out so quickly.
But you are right, we will make an effort to find a mode to communicate rapid selling limited editions (such as Rolling Stones) clearer in the future.
In any case we would like to assure you that we are striving to offer only the smoothest customer experience, hence your opinion really matters to us – thank you for your time and your confidence!
Best wishes,
4.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, July 30, 2014
PS: of course I should mention that the Art Edition, which comes with one of two beautiful print options by artist Brian Sanders, is still available – at this point still for the original price!
5.  Debra, TASCHEN Sales Director, United States, July 30, 2014
Dear Dan,
I am the Sales Director at TASCHEN America and you are right that Barnes & Noble was carrying the book but it sold out very quickly so they may not have been able to fill all orders. In the USA we do sell ltd editions to retailers if available but when they sell out this quickly we cannot always supply them. The quickest solution for you would be to order from one of the 4 USA TASCHEN stores as I believe they still have stock or, as Florian suggested, contact Rob Hudson.
6.  Stephen Sagar, Canada, July 30, 2014
So, if available in Taschen Stores in U.S.A., can I assume that they are now being delivered in N. America?
I ordered mine on the Taschen web site in May and still have not been notified of a shipping date, despite asking 3 times, including only last week. Can we have a definitive announcement that they are currently being shipped or not? I was fortunate to see the book at its launch(I traveled cross the Pond to be at this unique event) and I can confirm its superior quality for presentation, artistic merit, content, and print quality. Just hope mine has not been lost somewhere between Europe and Canada!
7.  Elissa, Sales Coordinator, United States, United States, July 31, 2014
Dear Stephen,
I see your order in the system. Someone from our Los Angeles office will contact you today with details on your order.
We'll be in touch.
Very best,
8.  Dan, United States, August 01, 2014
I did contact Rob Hudson as instructed and got no response. All I stated was that really it would have been nice if a customer could prove that they had a pre-order through B&N by forwarding the email that Tashen itself would simply call around its own bookstores and see who had stock and simply offer to ship from one of those bookstores just like other booksellers do. But apparently this was all too much for him. So I guess I'll make a last ditch effort and call around myself.
9.  Rob Hudson, United States, August 06, 2014
Dear Dan,
I apologize for the frustration you've experienced with this title. Please know that I am here to assist and will be happy to do so. Although I don't have you contact details, I am available at 323.463.4441 or, and look forward to finding a solution for you.
All my best,
10.  James Peter, United Kingdom, October 27, 2014
I see below two contradictory statements from Taschen employees. The Sales director says Barnes and Noble may have received an allocation of copies and the editor says it's not possible. Left hand /right hand? Arse/elbow? Do either of them actually know what the other means. Do either of them care about the customer?
Mark Foster, United Kingdom, July 30, 2014
Piers Bizony, The Stanley Kubrick Estate/Archives and TASCHEN...may I say thank you for producing an incredible book of my all-time favourite film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. This massive epic has really done this extraordinary movie justice. Thanks again!
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Germany, July 30, 2014
Dear Mark,
Thank you very much for your kind comment, and last but not least for your trust and patience! We're glad to know we were able to deliver to meet the most dedicated fans' expectations and standards.
Best wishes,
Dan, United States, July 28, 2014
Hi, I I pre-oredered The making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 at Barnes & Noble and they state the order is still pending and as far as they know they are getting stock and it will ship on August 1st. Can you confirm that those the pre-ordered through B&N will in fact, get the books or will we be out in the cold as those who pre-ordered through Amazon UK? Can you please let me know definitively as I don't want this $800.00 pending order hanging over my credit card.
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