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The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey'. Art B (Collector's Edition)
Annie Leibovitz, Art Edition (Collector's Edition)
Monet or The Triumph of Impressionism (Klotz, TASCHEN 25 Edition)
My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey'. Art B

Annie Leibovitz, Art Edition

Monet or The Triumph of Impressionism

My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare

Pigment print on Hahnemuehle PhotoRag paper (58 x 58 cm / 22.8 x 22.8 in.) with 4 hardcover volumes and metal slipcase, 7.8 x 17.3 in., 1384 pages
$ 1,500
Archival pigment print (51 x 51 cm / 20 x 20 in.), tripod book stand, set of four dust jackets and hardcover book with fold-outs
$ 5,000
Hardcover, 5.9 x 7.7 in., 488 pages
$ 19.99
Hardcover, 10.9 x 9.5 in., 320 pages
$ 69.99
Limited edition of 250 copies (No. 251-500), all signed by Christiane Kubrick and each coming with the pigment print Revolving camera and control panel (1965), signed by Brian Sanders and delivered in a ready to frame passepartout
Limited edition of 1,000 copies (No. 1–1,000), with a pigment print, signed by Annie Leibovitz. The Art Edition is presented with the full set of all four dust jackets and a custom-made tripod stand designed by Marc Newson
Master of the sublime: the essential Impressionist

“A major biography of the artist, supported by a wealth of examples of his work.”
The Good Book Guide, London
Images from the Michael Stokes collection reveal a side of the World War II never before made public—young Allied soldiers discharging tension in boisterous—sometimes naked—play.
PreFab Houses (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Restaurant & Bar Design
Tom of Finland. The Complete Kake Comics (Klotz, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

PreFab Houses

Restaurant & Bar Design

Rolling Stones

Tom of Finland. The Complete Kake Comics

Hardcover, 11.0 x 8.5 in., 388 pages
New edition, only $ 29.99
Original edition $ 69.99
Hardcover, 9.4 x 10.1 in., 432 pages
$ 59.99
Hardcover in box, 18.9 x 18.9 in., 556 pages
Hardcover, 5.3 x 7.7 in., 704 pages
New edition, only $ 19.99
Original edition $ 29.99
The amazing global story of the prefabricated house, once regarded as a cheap and easy solution, now synonymous with ambitious design and sophisticated detail. This international history features a unique compilation of prefab houses as well as contact details for relevant suppliers and manufacturers.
100 international highlights put forward to the board of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, celebrating the most exceptional settings for eating and drinking where aesthetics and function  combine in seamless style. Text contributions from Tony Chambers (editor-in-chief of Wallpaper*), designer Karim Rashid, and Marco Rebora, founder of the Awards.
The definitive, authorized illustrated history of the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band. With unprecedented access to their own archives, and a foreword written by President Bill Clinton.
Limited edition, all numbered and signed by the band members of the Rolling Stones
The complete adventures of Kake, Tom of Finland's dark-haired, mustached leatherman, who travelled the world on his motorcycle to spread the seeds of ecstatically explicit gay sex. See Tom's own personal fantasies lived out in these 26 episodes of mustaches, muscles and liberated libido, now some of the most famous cartoons in the history of gay art.
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