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1000 Record Covers (Klotz, TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Ai Weiwei (Collector's Edition)
Ai Weiwei, Art Edition (Collector's Edition)
An American Odyssey (XL-Format)

1000 Record Covers

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, Art Edition

An American Odyssey

Hardcover, 5.5 x 7.7 in., 576 pages
New edition, only $ 19.99
Original edition $ 29.99
Hardcover wrapped in a silk scarf, 13.0 x 17.3 in., 724 pages
$ 1,500
Marble sculpture (Chinese marble from the Fangshan District, 18.2 x 76.3 x 52.2 cm / 7.17 x 30 x 20.55 in.) with hardcover book wrapped in a silk scarf (Habotai silk, handrolled edges, 110 x 100 cm / 43.3 x 40 in.)
$ 5,000
Hardcover with fold-outs, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 612 pages
$ 200
Jacket madness: a splendid collection of album art from the 1960s to the 90s

“…beautifully presented to induce repeat dipping and much page sniffing… Vinyl revival? This book single-handedly champions the cause.”
Inpress, Melbourne

The artist activist: the first comprehensive monograph on Ai Weiwei’s life and work.
Limited edition of 1,000 copies (No. 101-1,100). Each edition is wrapped in a silk scarf reproduction of Straight, Ai Weiwei’s 2008 work, a reference to the Sichuan earthquake, and features paper cut chapter openers designed by the artist

Limited edition of 100 copies (No. 1-100), each presented with a specially designed sculpture, executed in the artist’s workshop: a marble book stand. The volume is wrapped in a silk scarf, which reproduces a detail of Straight, Ai Weiwei's 2008 work referencing to the Sichuan earthquake. Chapter openers feature full page paper cut designs by the artist

Produced by the Detroit Photographic Company between 1888 and 1924, these rediscovered photochrom and Photostint postcard images mark the very first color images of North America. Covering the people, places and legendary locales of over a century ago, they provide an epic panorama of the America of our past.
Araki by Araki (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Small Architecture Now!
Matisse - Cut-outs (Basic Art Series)
Arts & Architecture 1945-49 (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Araki by Araki

Small Architecture Now!

Matisse - Cut-outs

Arts & Architecture 1945-49

Hardcover, 9.2 x 13.4 in., 568 pages
New edition, only $ 69.99
Original edition $ 1,750
Hardcover, 8.5 x 10.8 in., 416 pages
$ 59.99
Hardcover, 9.4 x 11.8 in., 96 pages
$ 14.99
Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.6 in., 632 pages
New edition, only $ 69.99
Original edition $ 700
Now available in a TASCHEN standard edition, this spellbinding collection of Nobuyoshi Araki's work showcases his best-known subjects: sensual, colorful flowers, and women tied up in kinbaku, the Japanese art of bondage.
With cost and space often at a premium, small but perfectly formed buildings are a popular architectural challenge. From world-famous names such as Toyo Ito and Olafur Eliasson to the best in new international talent, architects around the world showcase the creative possibilities of compact dimensions.
A 96-page, hardcover edition exploring the final, and perhaps most innovative, chapter in Matisse’s career: the cut-outs. An inventive response to the ill health which prevented him from painting, this new technique represented both exuberant creativity against the odds and a whole new medium modern art.
Ambitious and engaged, Arts & Architecture magazine celebrated change and innovation across politics, social issues and especially culture, first introducing the world to such luminaries as Richard Meier and Frank Gehry. This selection from the magazine's first five years features each of its optimistic covers and a special focus on the groundbreaking Case Study House Program.
The Curse of Lono (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Film Noir. 100 All-Time Favorites (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey' (Collector's Edition)
The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey'. Art A (Collector's Edition)

The Curse of Lono

Film Noir. 100 All-Time Favorites

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey'

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s '2oo1: A Space Odyssey'. Art A

Hardcover, 8.2 x 10.8 in., 208 pages
New edition, only $ 39.99
Original edition $ 300
Hardcover, 8.5 x 10.8 in., 688 pages
$ 49.99
Hardcover, 4 vols. with metal slipcase, 7.8 x 17.3 in., 1384 pages
$ 750
Pigment print on Hahnemuehle PhotoRag paper (58 x 58 cm / 22.8 x 22.8 in.) with 4 hardcover volumes and metal slipcase, 7.8 x 17.3 in., 1384 pages
$ 1,500
Hunter S. Thompson’s and Ralph Steadman’s most zany, most eccentric, most surreal gonzo masterpiece. A new quarter-bound edition in a fresh, smaller size.
TASCHEN’s 100 all-time favorite film noirs and neo-noirs: from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to Drive. With an introduction by film director and Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader, this encycopedia of private eyes, gangsters, psychopaths and femmes fatales includes original poster reproductions, critic quotes, film analyses, cast/crew details and rare stills galore. 
Fifty years after its first conception, this four-volume book explores the making of the sci-fi movie masterpiece, 2oo1: A Space Odyssey. A limited edition of 1,000 copies (No. 501-1,500), each signed by Christiane Kubrick, this truly exhaustive book includes hundreds of unique documents, concept artworks, and superb behind-the-scenes photographs from the Kubrick Archives.
Limited edition of 250 copies (No. 1-250), all signed by Christiane Kubrick and each coming with the pigment print Exploration team moving down moon pit ramp (1965), signed by Brian Sanders and delivered in a ready to frame passepartout
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