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“Through striking color‚ emotive gazes and a delicate balance of beauty and violence‚ Araki seduces his viewers’ eyes in order to betray their morals.”— The Huffington Post, New York, United States
“Araki defies the strict censorship laws in his native country rather than compromise his vision.”— The Art Newspaper, London, United Kingdom
“Why not knot its cotton strings extra tight‚ invite someone you fancy round for a brew, and watch as they struggle to force it open for a browse of its beautifully printed series of striking geisha portraits.”— 10 Magazine, London, United Kingdom
“There is no denying the photographs’ demonstration of Araki’s much-applauded mastery of composition, colour and tone: at times washed-out and delicate‚ at others bold and striking.”— AnOther, London, United Kingdom
“Nobuyoshi Araki is a Japanese artist who unapologetically creates art around a central theme: sex. He has created over 450 books in his lifetime and has an uncanny ability to make anything and everything appear erotic… he seems like on old angry genius who thinks about photography constantly to an obsessive degree, and his outputs shows it.”— Vice, London, United Kingdom
“Bondage has fascinated Nobuyoshi for many years‚ and this particular collection concentrates on the concept of rope bondage. The traditions of Japanese culture shine through‚ courtesy of the stunning Geisha girls that line each page‚ helping to give every picture a complex historical subtext. Designed very specifically for experts and collectors – hence the astronomical cover price – it even comes in intricate traditional Japanese binding‚ much like the women within it.”— Knave, London, United Kingdom
“This enormous tome tells the life story of renowned Japanese photographer Araki through his photographs‚ bringing together half a century’s worth of images.”— Private Air, New York, United States
Nobuyoshi Araki. Bondage (Collector's Edition)

Nobuyoshi Araki. Bondage

Japanese binding, 3 vols. in wooden box, 11.4 x 13.0 in., 600 pages
$ 1,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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